Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking for a Tuesday Bag?

Wish I was producing one.

Thing is, I spent the weekend flat out in bed like a monkey drinkin'. After two weeks of fighting this virus that stalked my family and knocked them flat on their rear ends... it began to own me just minutes into the long weekend.

Ask anyone who works with children and knows that they have no time for being sick. They'll all tell you that it'll get them on the weekend.

I didn't make church, or Thanksgiving at the in-laws, or even consciousness at times.

Today I'm gingerly stepping back into work, and hope to do the photos and uploads for tomorrow. Sorry for the delay....


gophercheeks said...

Hope you are feeling better..... it's suppose to be 15 degrees by Saturday! I'm thinking of pulling out the trailer for another camp out!!

Happy Thanks.

Roo said...

awwwwww hope you are better soon.

Anonymous said...

Take care , get well & don't go any faster than your angel can fly!