Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh, The Trees I've Seen...

This tree is special. It attracts wildlife.No. Really.
But it stands on its own quite splendidly also.

It also comes to the rescue should you shirt lose a shirt button or seven over Christmas indulgences.

Or require a necktie at some fancy office party.

Here's another wildlife advantage: space for two of Kanga's little Roos.

Plus other stuff. Like maybe some Darfur Bag business cards?

or credit cards for your multi-multi dashes to ToysRUs?
(my sister used to have one of those really-smart-but-not-very-bright type of friends. She insisted on calling the place "Toysasaurous".)
Big pocket. For big stuff.
Backside. You need one of these, because even if the inside has four pockets; without a back to kind of hold it together; you'd just lose all your stuff.

Lancer. Reminds me of a young man in my daycare.
Also reminds me of Dancer, cupid, dasher. (May have those names all wrong. I grew up with "Nun Isse Ehrshienen" and "Away in a Manger"and "Oh Die Frohliche". Dancer and Cupid were a foreign legend in our parts......)
Mostly I'm showing you that so you think I stitched that washing care label on by myself.
Even though I didn't.
Washable or not, it'll keep your stuff firmly on your shoulder.

I like that sun bursty bit on the side. Its from VEEENS MIBLE DARP. (sorry. Must be the Christmas in the air that's bringing all this German nonsense to the surface.)
For all you worldly anglos: That would be: Wiens Furniture Store. And my local angel was the delivery girl.

She's a goody in any case. And she's big.
15" wide; 13" deep
(the bag not the angel. silly.)

Yesterday's purse flailing was so much fun.
There was some mention of hugging, but more importantly, some talk about shooting.
(All in the name of charity; of course.)
Bids begin at $83.00 Cdn. $25.00 Cdn.
Auction concludes at 9:30 pm cst on Wednesday, December 16, 2009. (yes. My husband's birthday- thank you for asking...)
Give me some action, people. You've whet my appetite for purse slinging, rabbit shooting, elevater crushing, and even tree hugging. (but only virtual trees. If you lived around here, you'd know that your entire body would stick to a tree until spring if you dared to hug it. It's too danged cold.
peace out.


Mike said...

This bag is gorgeous. I would like to bid $30.

Karla said...

I love the really dark browns you've added this time - and your inside pockets are ridiculous (ridiculously amazing, that is).


Ms. Caddywumpus said...



Please close the bidding now.

Unknown said...


Very cool. $55 or is that not the correct increment? :)

I'm based in the UK. Is that ok?


Chelsea said...

SOooooo nice... Happy Birthday Joyce's Husby!! and Ms. Caddywumpus, the bids close at 9:30pm not am...but nice try..
I bid $70.00!

Unknown said...


Ace bag. I meant $65 or is that not the correct increment? :)

I'm based in the UK. Is that ok?


joyce said...

Rob, you are sweet and working so hard at this... these greedy purse slingers keep upping the numbers before you quite get a chance!

any increment above the last published numerical amount is acceptable. Right now, you're behind.... it's $70 Cdn.

joyce said...

The U.K.- not a problem. I've shipped to Norway, Alaska, New York.... And I do have a bag or two in London England as well.

Janice said...

I will give you $25 for the cat.

I already have a brown tree bag and I am flying it to Toronto tomorrow, hugging it before and after, since it will be in my luggage. Maybe I need a spare, since that one is for my sister.

Happy birthday Brian.

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

I'll bid $75 and cross my fingers that no one else loves this bag as much as I do. Have I mentioned I'm very strong and could possible wrestle this bag away from someone? Just thought I'd mention that.

p.s. Happy Birthday Brian!
p.p.s. I'm kidding about the wrestling. I'm more of a tackle and run away type.
p.p.p.s. Totally kidding about that too. Merry Christmas everyone! Now back away from my bag.

Anonymous said...


from a new age huggy wrestler. Win them with love and hugs.

Peace out.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm new. I LOVE your brown bags. I need a christmas gift for someone. I bid $80.

joyce said...

hi new.
I love you.

JayP said...

Yikes.It's Christmas time. Love...Peace...Harmony. You know all that kind of stuff! All because of me sharing my 'Cabbage Patch" shopping story, people are pushing and shoving and swinging full purses at each other now.

I think I'll bid ..."just kidding" lol I already have a brown tree bag so eat your heart out...or your Christmas baking or what have you.


Anonymous said...

Prowero says I'm a pro and wero are you?

joyce said...

Janice- did you get it? And love it? If you want to see peace and goodwill you hang around in the foodcourt at the shopping mall. I like sitting there during this insane season just to watch. One time I saw a young man (20-something?) sit down very determined, with two cans of one of those stupid power energy drinks and just suck them down, all the while sighing and fidgeting. I couldn't help but laugh and ask him a question or two. He was at the mall. He was gonna getter done. He needed energy. Funny.

A. you are new. You are the owner of a tree bag. to tell me your identity, mailing address. I'll let you know the details.

Caddywumpus- I can just feel your train coming in. It is imminent, I just know it...

Jobina said...

that is the most beautiful elegant large tree bag ever! Love your creations!

joyce said...

thanks, jobina. Sorry for torturing you with these december bags- promise to make more when the money returns to the bank account!

Mary KG said...

I ran into one of your tree bags yesterday at Costco!!!! And the bag was over the shoulder of another bag -- one that seems to be addicted to buying your "bags". Have a great day, with or without ice-cream.

Lynn said...

You have really outdone yourself lately. Guess I won't be getting a bid in before my stepmother goes to visit you. This bag was amazing. I like them a little wider. Somehow I have managed to get out bid by the step sisters but I'll try to sneak in when they are not looking....