Friday, March 5, 2010

Out Of Africa

Early on in the Darfur project, I received an e-mail from a woman who said she had a piece of fabric from Tanzania that she'd had since the 1970's and did I want it? Did I want it!
Feast your eyes on this brown and green swirl of wonderful.

Since we were "going to Africa" anyway, I decided to use bits of all the other African fabrics I have gathered along the way. The close-up of the strap shows a lovely wax batik remant- you can see the original picture (and bag) here. (its a personal favourite).

The nifty green, black, yellow, brown piece is from Republic of Congo, thanks to a local who used to live there.

(two pockets beneath the flap)
The body is constructed of a nice weighted upholstery fabric.

Inside out. Side 1= back is another piece from the Congo; two small pockets in more Tanzania; and a large pocket in wax batik.
Side2= Backing from the Congo; and four medium pockets made of two different Tanzanian fabrics. Plus a bonus pocket at the front of it, since the yellow-ish piece is a repurposed shirt.

And what's all that Africa without some good old Manitoba buttons, trim, and label?!

A nice roomy bag at 12.5" across and 12" deep.
Happy Friday, everyone. Please begin bids at $25- Cdn. This auction will conclude today, March 5, 2010 at 9:30 pm, cst.


tanya said...

I can't resist $25

joyce said...

have I told you lately that I love you? (tell your husband that too, will you?)

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

I don't care that I just bought one. I have people who deserve some gifts...$35

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to me!

tanya said...

Happy Birthday Lisa,
and sorry $45

PamJ said...

$50 it is worth it!!

Lisa said...

No apologies necessary Tanya - I knew my bid wouldn't last - but one can always hope!

Giulia said...

Wonderful, Joyce. I really must get a job:)

tanya said...

Hi, my name's tanya and I'm a bagaholic. $55

Heidi said...

I just found out about this blog a week ago from my sisters & am loving seeing the bags!
I LOVE all the Africa fabric in this one!! We spent 3 years in DRC & it is near & dear to my heart. I just wish I could wear those colors... My sister on the other hand....hmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi!!! Isn't it awesome!

~Joi :)