Monday, April 19, 2010


So, I wish I had a sun-shiney bag to show this morning.
I was actually out in the sunshine, and not really behind my sewing machine.

Please be patient with bags4darfur. I'm still here.....
Did I mention that soccer starts this week? Did I mention that I have three kids in soccer, equalling four nights a week on the field, plus one child in Basketball, equalling at least two nights a week, and one kid in swimming, equalling ImPossiBility?

So, I'm working on a master plan for balance.
Which will include raising funds for people without options like... sports.
Or adequate food and shelter.


Jenni said...

Joyce! I'm having a minor crisis... I ran out of business cards, and I'm heading back to Alberta for the summer... where the oil-tycoons (though not as rich as they were before the recession) have bank accounts with $$$. Could I drop by sometime this week (Thursday??) and pick up some from you? If you have time... I would also love it if you would sew one of the bags4darfur tags onto my bag... I got it before they came out, and found while carrying my sister's bag that it drew comments/attention. Thank you! Hope you're enjoying soccer/basketball/the sun.

joyce said...

That's my kind of crisis!
Yes, certainly come by for more cards, and a label.
E-mail me when you have a good idea of your arrival, I'm usually here, but during the day the kids and I walk to the park, so I'd want to be here when you need me.

janice said...

I LOVE outdoor soccer, despite the occasional -2 with-wet-snow games we have to survive. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and all the kibbitzing with the parents. And watching the kids progress - from the funny baby-soccer to the actual skilled athletics is great. Enjoy!!