Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tick Tock Bubbles

Time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking.....
Into the future.

Samples make up the body in today's bag. Some old polky dots add character. An outdated calendar tea towel makes one reflective of the passage of time. And some mustard coloured pile brings it all together.

The shoulder strap is made up of a hammock hand-me-down from Pam D, and a scrap of (African?) fabric from my sister, many years hence.

It all kind of works.

Two pockets beneath the flap.
Thank you, Kim Z for that scrap of upholstery.

Backside. (does this pile make my backside look big?)

The interior is all ablaze with fabric from the DR of Congo.

Are those bubbles not fun? And liberating?
Speaking of the passage of time, I had a bit of an incident in a fitting room last night. With a fellow forty-something year old friend. Turns out that gravity + time = unparallelled tragic repercussions for all sorts of body parts.
Speaking of bubbles.....
But I digress...
Today's bubbley bag comes to you in one size. It is available once. Although you never know what sorts of variations might come to you in the future.
bubbles measures 11x11 inches, give or take.
$25- Cdn starts it off, and whoever feels most generous by 9:30 pm cst gets to take this bag home. Today, April 15, 2010.


Anonymous said...

$25 - mk
Love the opening song/line.....

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Vivid! I'm a winter, but this will look fabulous on an autumn. :)

janice said...

Another beauty. Floey must have been out during the photo session. Don't tell me Brian made you give her away!!!

Anonymous said...

So fun!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

JayP said...

Joyce, quick ...go get Floey! The price goes up with her in the picture.

Janice P

joyce said...

ha ha, I fear you may be right!
(Must manipulate cat.
Must manipulate cat.
Must keep up facade.)

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful.

tanya said...

So tempting, so very tempting.

Anonymous said...

Oh....! I really love this! I really want to bid.... But I can't :(
I suffer from PSS. (Poor Student Syndrome)

~Joi :)

Anonymous said...

nice bag. super fun.

joyce said...

awesome possom. Email me at please.

Rosa said...

So fun to be friends with a famous girl. Walking in Value Village yesterday , spotted a Darfur bag on a young and may I say Hip girl. Yup thats my friend I says to her do you want my autograph?

joyce said...

aw, really? was it a bag that I brought to BDN? (of course, I'm curious if it was one of those necktie bags?)
And how come you went to VV without ME??? (side note: Cheri and I went to Pembina Hwy VV this week. I was shocked. Everything cost 7.99. Why would we pay that, when you can go to the mall and get stuff on sale for slightly higher than that??! Has Bdn VV gone that way too?)

Rosa said...

yes brandon VV has gone that way the only way it works to shop there is to hae a coupon. I beleive that 7.99 is thier official starting price.I just have to get it throught my kids heads the whole time we are there. That is expensive. Yes I know this is called a thrift shop but that is expensive.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am one of Olivia's classmates. I like your bags.I saw that Olivia had a bag and I liked it. My mum gives me 20 euros for Tick Tock Bubbles. I live in Rome and my e-mail adress is