Sunday, November 7, 2010


Just when you thought that aunt Bertha's Sunday goin' ta meetin' broach had gone out of fashion.

What you didn't think of is how great the broach looks when you pair it up with some needlework, a pair of plaid fortrel pants, some velvet, and a bit of upholstery fabric.
Never thought of that now, did ya.

That bit of really detailed needlework used to say something about the road to a friends house, and it used to hang up in my house. But I really love the way it looks right there atop a bag. Helps you enjoy the detail so much better.

I particularly love the piece with the sort of raised velveteen. It reminds me of cushions on my auntie's couch.

For your cell phone and key carrying pleasure- two pockets just beneath the flap.

The long shoulder strap piece in plaid is nearly the length of a pair of polyester pants.
Could we bring back the day of the plaid polyester pant, pleeeease?

Here is Bertha all bent out of shape... er... turned inside out. Helps you get a clear picture of her pockets, which number four on the inside, and two beneath the flap.

Her measurements (yes, I'm posting them on the internet) are:
10" across and 12" down.
Bids begin at $25.00 Cdn, and the auction closes on saturday, November 13, at 12:00 noon, cst.


Anonymous said...

I'll start with $25. I'm a first timer at this!

Anonymous said...


Katie from Langley (use to be Victoria)

Anonymous said...

Love the colors and textures, and that green and white polka dot looks kind of familiar, so glad it found a good home. Valerie C.

joyce said...

ah! yes- thanks VC. I love that green polka dot piece, thanks again.

Mary KG said...


tanya said...

Crap. Too late.

Jennifer P said...

AHHHH! Too late. Great work Katie - you'll love it! Joyce's bags are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce,

My email is

so we can arrange payment and I can give you my new address.