Sunday, November 7, 2010


Here's a tote that's all wrapped up in happiness and love.

Her body is a lovely old hand-stitched quilt that I found at the *gasp* thrift shop. (does the woman live there? Some believe that she does.) It had been partially patched with some pretty ugly stuff that I picked off. Sure, there were hole-y bits, but there were lots of bag-sized parts that were just fine!

It went well with my large-armed tea towel lady. I hope this towel is not politically incorrect. I worry about this. What I see is a woman who has happily embraced her large arms. See how happy she is? Well, then look more closely.
To create a closure for one of the exterior pockets, I used the button and buttonhole off of a shirt that looks ghastly on me. It looks great on our large-armed friend, does it not?

And she's making stuff out of flour. Have I ever told you how I feel about flour?
Just mix it with some sugar and pretty much anything else, and you've got yourself comfort on a plate.

See how charming the insides are? That's the handy thing about a quilt that someone at the thrift shop marketed as a "dog blanket".
humph, I say.

See that splendid strap? When boler babe and I were thrifting in a land far, far away, we came across a huge roll of the stuff. But we're much too financially responsible to like the price tag that was on it, so BB waited them out, and at "blue tag special day" (or something like that) she got the whole lot for like..... way less. I'm good with numbers that way.
I'm starting bids on Jemima at $15.00 because I can.
Wanna play?
Leave a comment.
This bag remains available until saturday morning, November 13 at noon.


Melodie Ramos said...

I love the "harmed in the creation of this bag" tag


Anonymous said...

I'll bid $20

Robyn said...

I love this looks comfy! If a bag can be comfy!! I'll bid $25 (Robyn)

Anonymous said...

Jemima, you can hang out in my kitchen any day! My bid is at $30.00.