Tuesday, November 16, 2010


When people gift me with their fabric stashes, I often find partially completed pieces of needlework. Having roughly a billion unfinished projects of my own around the house, I like to think that it's redemptive to put someone else's to good use.

Like this lovely floral bit of needlework. (sorry, i don't remember whose stash it came in... forgive me)

Combined with a handstitched green quilt from the thrift shop, and a gorgeous drapery panel, our flowers have become part of a sensible tote bag.

Her inside is also re-purposed drapery fabric.

Got stuff?
You may need this bag.
And all the proceeds will get donated to food aid in Sudan.
Bag measures 16" x 15".
Velcro closure.
Bids begin at $20.00 Cdn, and the auction concludes on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at 12:00 noon, central standard time.


janice said...

I will open - $20. We have snow. I want to crawl into that lovely quilted bag and curl up and sleep.

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

Absolutely stunning.

Audrey said...

Complete loveliness!!

Karen said...

Okay, remember the bag I said I'd give to my mother-in-law? [It's okay if you don't remember.] Well, I kept it for myself. But I would promise to give this to my MIL. Sort of promise.



joyce said...

hey Karen, yours for $40.
e-mail me: brijoy@mts.net