Sunday, November 7, 2010

Walk in the Park

Imagine the days when draperies contained entire parks.

In fabulous colour.

Well, this park just became a bag 4 Darfur, and you could walk around with a park on your shoulder, all winter long.
With a base that came all the way from London, England. That pretty little bit of red is here thanks to our friend Lettuce.

I love that soft grey.

And it was thoughtful of the couch people to create an upholstery that so perfectly compliments it.

The inside is a bit of a visual delight. Some tea towels and pillow slips have been reincarnated as pockets and lining.

Her strap is such a delightful use of colour.

Bids on the park begin at $25.00 Cdn.
She measures 9.5" across and 10.5" deep.
If you don't want her, she just might become mine... All Mine.
This auction concludes at 12:00 noon cst on Saturday, November 13, 2010.


oreneta said...

I'll bid 30. Love her!

Anonymous said...

...if I hadn't just bought Rosie...
love walk in the park!

Anonymous said...

Just what I need right now, a walk in the park! I am bidding $40.00.