Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feed Sack (.....And... SOLD!)

This bag tells a story that I'm fond of. The body used to be a throw cushion that I bought at the thrift shop- one of those cushions you remember from your grandmother's house. I might have had it on my own couch for a time, but with my lifestyle as a daytime substitute mommy, throw cushions mostly have one definition: "THROW". So, they generally get stored in places where they're soon forgotten, or get sewn up into something else entirely.

Like this bag.

The faded "certified" strip came from an old feed sack that my sister and I found in an abandoned farm house. The "lady of the house" was a bit of a hoarder. Which in some aspects made for a really fantastic treasure hunting day for me. In other aspects, I just wanted to scrub my hands up to the elbows, go home, and vacuum every last corner of my house.

I had fun using all manner of dresser scarf/ embroidery accents to flesh out this bag. The top has a velcro closure as well. The straps are fashioned from a tea-stained table runner, and a blue scalloped tablecloth.

And I'm so glad to have such a fun-loving way to use all those doilies. They're pretty common in thrift shops in my neck of the woods, since past generations of women have been quite traditional, and expressed themselves in the few opportunities they had available: the kitchen, and the needle. (not hypodermic in this case).

The bag turned inside out: Another great spot for the ratty feed sack. (I mean ratty in the nicest possible kind of way.....) And yes. It's been washed!!

The other side of the inside: a much more feminine way of having pockets; this is a rescued piece of bed skirting, here used to create three interior pockets.

And there you have it!

Certified! It says so right on the bag.....

Interested? You can buy it now for $45.00 Cdn or try your luck with a bid starting at $20.00 minimum. Bids will remain open until Friday, Feb 17, 2012.


Karen said...

Pick me! Pick me! ... please.


joyce said...

haha a three minute sale! love it.

Hutt-Write Voice said...

It's amazing how you turn abandoned pieces of fabric into beautiful bags and even more amazing that they sell minutes after they're posted.

Teresa said...

Hi Joyce,

I am loving the bags you are posting. Currently I am on vacation. I keep checking in when I have wifi. I haven't been in the " right" spot to bid when the bags are put up for auction. No problem, they are all so lovely.I am really enjoying seeing your creativity with re-purposing materials.

Thank-you, Not sure how you manage to churn out these amazing pieces! Soon my time and bag(s) will come up and I will get one :)