Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Garage Glam

Do you remember the one that finally got away?

Finding that box of 19something fortrel psychedelics is reason number 9475 that I'll never really stop perusing yard sales. I keep thinking that maybe I'll slow down and act my age, and then I think- but why? Life is too short to not do the fun, irrational things like dig through people's garbage. (ahhhh... that old garage smell.....)

It might be a tad overwhelming to whip up a maxi dress out of that eye candy, but it sure looks great as a flap on a messenger bag!

And what fun to employ such vibrant hues!



Here's the bag turned all inside out. It allows you to take a better look at the pockets.

And there you have it!

One messenger bag, measuring 15 x 12" with a wide and adjustable shoulder strap, seven pockets, and more than enough "feel good"!

Here's a short testimonial from the one that got away:

"Thank you so much for the beautiful bag.

It made my day when I got it in the mail.

Every time I look at it, I remember my grandma, she'd be so proud.

I've also had many comments on it, and tell them all where to find you.

The words thank you just don't seem like enough but


And that's just one of the reasons that all of this is so rewarding and fun.

IF you would like to buy the bag now, please offer $50.00. Or take your chances and put out an offer starting at a minimum of $25.00. I'll leave the bids open most of the week, since I'll be posting bags for sale on Wednesdays, right up to summer fair. Bidding on Garage Glam will close on Monday, April 30, 2012 at noon. Please keep in mind that shipping to most places costs $11.00 via express post.

Happy Wednesday!



ispeakinprose said...

I want it. $50 is it.

Brenda said...

That fabric is the bomb. great bag.

Anonymous said...

darn it! i love it! hope you do another auction!

joyce said...

gee, I love selling a bag in four minutes!
ispeakinprose, please send an e-mail to
let me know if you prefer to pay with paypal or send a cheque, and THANK YOU!
Thanks, Brenda- fun, isn't it? and nice to give fortrel its rightful place in this world.

anon- I'm thinking of maybe whipping up another one of these? That just went way too fast!

Anonymous said...

YES! I want it! I'll pay $50 right now for it! lol

joyce said...

that's funny and awesome! Let me see what I can manage today/tomorrow while juggling life in one hand and sewing needles in the other.
I love your enthusiasm!

Teresa said...

Wow! Just checked in at 11:15 and see the hectic bidding.

No pressure Joyce, I love your bags and feel like such a stalker to your site:)

Love seeing what you do with fortrel. I have some fabric gems to send you :)

Lovely, lovely seeing the bags,please no pressure to produce. I love the stories attached to the bags even if I am not successful in acquiring one yet.

I'm not worried my time will come.

Bravo Joyce, so glad you are posting.

Anonymous said...

love it joyce!!! the colors are AMAZING!!!!! esther d

JayP said...

Orange & greens!

Please whip up another one of you said.

joyce said...

Hi anonymous- this bag just became re-available.
If you are truly interested in it, leave me another comment, please.

Anonymous said...

I am! I am!! lol

joyce said...

Perfect! Send me an email at and indicate if you'd like to pay through PayPal or send a cheque.