Monday, April 23, 2012

You're All So Kind

I got some lovely comments on my "Fallow" post.

All those artist tips are true, and it was nice to hear them from someone else.

I certainly resonate with the "focus small", and "maybe a deadline?", and "it will come back".

I'd been somewhat hesitant about a deadline, as I feared putting out a bunch of work that I disliked, and then having to stand behind it all at an event, wishing I could blame the bad work on some third party. But pressure is often a good thing, and so I've imposed some upon myself.

Our town holds one of the awesome-est summer fairs in the world. (I"m sure this is no exaggeration). Last year I participated as a vendor, and had the most amazing time. I wasn't sure I would do it again this year, thinking that perhaps I'd rather go to the fair with my kids. Then I remembered that they are at the age where they badly don't need their mother to accompany them, and quite like knowing exactly where on the street their mother is. With a cooler full of cold drinks. And cash.

I did really regret missing the opportunity to watch motocross. (my dirty little secret. Young, fearless maniacs achieving death-defying jumps upon their dirt bike steeds.... mmmmmm). But Brian says there's therapy for that, so I've decided to set up shop once again at the greatest fair in the known world: The Niverville Old Tyme Country Fair

I fully expect to see you there; June 8 & 9, 2012.

In the meantime, I have actually managed to produce some work that I'm fond of! So I'll be posting bags every Wednesday until fair time (and beyond? Who knows... I'm an artist... known for frequent and total distractions....)

In other news, I've been added to Anthony Donnelly's charity website Celebrity Pants-4-Art Project.

I'll see you back here on Wednesday, April 25.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice rebound, Joyce, and thanks for the mention on your site! We all have 'splotches' in our artistic journies... the best thing to do is relax, do something different, and await the new and exciting inspiration...