Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lucky 7 SOLD

Bowling Bag. Made from funky old bowling lane scenes, the back of the bag is on the right, and the front on the left. The pocket is from a rice bag. Lucky Seven.



Unknown said...

I'm Leah Reimer's sister, Jennie. I have some birthday money that I would like to spend on Lucky 7. How do we connect?

joyce said...

okay, I'm reading this from Alberta, and I'll see if my friend Nance sold it in Saskatchewan yet. If not, I'll reclaim it on my way through back to Mb.
Thank you!
(I love that bag SO much...)

Anonymous said...

Oooh - thanks for checking it out. I appreciate that SOOOO much. I emailed your mts account. You can use that email address to connect with me. Do you crochet? That's my thing. Although I'm not as brilliant at my "thing" as you are at yours.