Monday, April 7, 2008

Tie a Yella Ribbon- We're Waiting For Old Faithful

We are currently...

(back to the drawing board.....)

April 20, 2008
Old faithful Bernina is in the hospital at the moment. She is quite anemic, having run herself a little ragged with enthusiam; fuelled mainly by caffienne, sheer grit, a little wine, and waaaay too much lint. It has been eight long days and eight endless, lonely nights. We are all growing a little anxious, and hope that the hospital bills will not exceed our equally anemic means. Still, we wait, and hope. And when the hoping becomes unbearable, we bring out old pinkie and thread and rethread her until she and I slump over, exhausted and overheated, threads snapping and lights dimming.

As we await the homecoming of Old Faithful, we anticipate the abundance of productivity and faith that time will multiply itself twenty-fold upon such a time.

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gloria said...

pitter patter princess!

do i need to bring MY machine over?