Thursday, May 22, 2008


We're almost there.
The bags are developing into a bit of a pile, despite the spray of broken needles, jammed machines, and the crush of life's commitments. Brian has promised to stop at the fabric store for me today and come home with no fewer than 25 new needles. We're going to try the "Jean" needle to see if it holds up better than the "Universal". I've actually learned to wince as the machine attempts to navigate a bit of a bump or a hill in the fabrics. The sound of smashing needles and my unsolicited verbal outcry is that prolific.

Stay tuned for a "heads-up".


oreneta said...

I was sewing sails and heavy canvas on a home sewing machine...I was spraying so many broken needle fragments around I started wearing safety glasses. Sympathies for the frustration, I gave you a shout out on my site, cause the bag came and I LOVE it. THank you so much! Now I can re-joyce!

joyce said...

I don't like the jean needles at all. I think they are too thick, so I'll have to try a thinner one. I'm back to the universal, and so far, so good.