Sunday, May 25, 2008

"On Thursday, April 17th, the World Food Program (WFP) announced that food rations in Darfur will be reduced by half, due to insecurity along delivery routes. Since the beginning of 2008, 60 WFP contracted trucks have been hijacked in Darfur, with 39 trucks still missing and 26 drivers unaccounted for. One driver was killed in Darfur last month. As result, cereals will be cut from 450 grams per person per day to 225 grams and high-protein pulses (beans or lentils) will be cut to only 30 grams."


I feel very small indeed, each time I read this information. What horribly difficult decisions these people have to make. How do you contract drivers, when they know it may well be the last time they ever drive again? What about the practicalities, like replacing trucks? Sadly, one cannot replace a person, and at least 300,000 people have been sacrificed already in Sudan.

Imagine if your loved one drove a truck for the WFP. Imagine if your relative lived in a camp without proper nutrition, cover, or hope. Imagine if as a woman you faced the threat of rape, death, the death of your husband, and the starvation or theft of your children every day and every night, as you sit on the ground without so much as a tarp to keep you out of the elements.

Imagine if we cared.


gloria said...

imagine indeed.... what amazing purpose could be brought into our lives if people actually read and heard and understood what was happening, and then took action against it.

Crystal said...

If only.