Thursday, July 17, 2008


In this case, I think I'd have to say that the pictures don't do justice. These fabrics and colours are really deep and rich looking. Lots of textures, and the look of durability.

There are a lot of colours packed into Cathedral. They are all subtle, but when your eye roams, it has plenty of places to go.

Classic, but interesting. Anyone for Cathedral on this Thursday, the last day of my work week? Same schtick, folks. We'll go until 6 pm cst.


Anonymous said...

I'll start off at $70 (and hope to get lucky). I'm off to Fargo for some retail therapy and then to the lake for the weekend so I'll check in again next week.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce!
Got Crysanthemum from Alice last night...thank you so much she is gorgeous!(Alice too! Ha! Ha!)
Heard about the major material donation...congrats!
Good luck today ladies!


Yes...I am going to leave you to it today...maybe wait for the Monday bag instead b/c it is my B-Day then and maybe you will have some pity on me! Ha! Ha! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh .. I just stumbled onto your blog yesterday and looked back through your bags and loved the "Star" and today you have another similar - I will have to work out the timezones (I am in Australia, get up early (it's just after midnight now) and try then. Will you send one to Oz??!!

joyce said...

of course, silly! :)
I'd be honoured. where in Oz do you live? I visited your beautiful country back in '91; I think it was.

joyce said...

nice for you to come home to, zewom. Hope you didn't spend all your Americanos at Target....