Friday, July 18, 2008

Rick Rack, Baby

Calling all ye who lie in wait; loiter-ers, prowlers, lurkers, skulkers, newbies and reticent ones. You who are more discreet, less forthcoming, more restrained; more communal, and collective. This is the day to celebrate you.
Today is the day for anyone who lurks here and has yet to be successful at hanging one of these sack-a-ronis over their own shoulder. What I'm saying is: Come on out of the shadows if you don't already have a Re-joyce bag but you're kinda interested in storing your stuff in one.

Now won't it be ironic if all of you hate brown, and orange, and yellow?! That's okay, the bag will keep. Now, it's perfect if you've got lots of stuff, because on her tender hippy insides, she's got more than one pocket to store your shades and peace paraphanalia.
This bag hosts some of my personal favourites. Funky gold pile stuff; swirly orange and yellow psychodelic stuff, rick rack, brown fringe, flowery bits, camoflauge, and gingham. I'm sure we were told in Home Ec that none of those things go together. Well, a delayed rebellion is better than no rebellion at all.....Once again, ladies and gents. Rick Rack, Baby is available to any person or being who has not yet received a Bags 4 Darfur bag. Comments are welcomed and encouraged from anyone with or without a criminal record, inhaling, or not so much. Numerical amounts will be honoured when they originate from a novice baggie.

6 am to 6 pm cst, baby. You can call me Rick. or Rack..... for that matter.


tanya said...

Good idea to make the bag for only those who don't already have...I'd think it was a better idea if I didn't already have one so I could bid on it, but alas.

joyce said...

awwww... you know that I just really wanna say... "except for YOU Tanya..."

You're my morning sunshine :)

Anonymous said...

How can we have that same piece of trim? I've had that piece of trim my whole life! I got it from my momma."

Lynn said...

Since I don't yet have a bag for Dafur... How about $30. Love the pics af them in circulation. Fabulous. Your a genius Joyce. Must be related to my evil step mother;)

gloria said...

ooooooooooh, she's so hippy!

Melanie Buchanan said...

Well, I'm a newbie and would love one of these bags. How about $40? I'm crossing my fingers.

joyce said...

Mel, you can uncross now. You got Rick, Rack, Baby for $40.00. E-mail me at to work out delivery details.