Monday, September 15, 2008

Ken's Salsa

Two years ago, I made so much salsa that I have not made any since. I needed activity, tasks, projects, productivity. Chopping and stirring and cooking came in handy.

At the end of this week, time will mark two years since my brother lay dying of cancer. I haven't known how to appropriately deal with all that entailed; so in honour of Ken, this week's bags will be for him. For his life, how brightly he shone, and what I knew of him.
I didn't know enough, and that is the hardest part.
Don't feel that you have to get all heavy this week, Ken was a complete nutbar, very sarcastic, very funny. He'd likely mock me for attempting an awkward tribute at all.

Onto the bag. Those lovely fall leaves again. Reminds me of sending the kids back into school that autumn and three weeks later shopping for something suitable to wear to a funeral. I ran into my friend Marie that day when my sisters and I were shopping for clothes together. We had tears at the racks of clothing when she learned why we were shopping, and I told her about my unorthodox chopping and cooking method of grief.

Next day, Marie brought us a huge basket of every imaginable thing a person could eat with salsa. That basket holds some of my bag trims now, and I always think of her love and thoughtfulness.

The bidding time is extended to 8 pm, cst.
Why not leave me a note about someone you miss, and what you remember most?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Beautiful bag. I miss my Grandma most. She was so stable and always had open arms for me. I wish I could get a hug today.

My bid is $45.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I just looked at the calendar this morning, thinking back to 2 yrs. ago, that smell at Health Science, those walks down the hall pushing his wheelchair, and how his beautiful girls loved him so. Sigh... but he's dancing with the Trinity now in the presence of Jesus. Yummmmmmmmm Your Schwester, Mary

tanya said...

I've been so lucky, the losses in my life are few...both grandfathers. Two very different men who were both very special. One died about a decade ago, the other last month. But enough babbling...time for business. $50

Anonymous said...

A close friend of mine lost her Mother to cancer after battling for more than 10 years. She was inspirational to me...always happy, always looking to the future, always uplifting. A year after she died I was diagnosed with cancer. I thought of her often and her spirit helped me through some tough times. Now I have been cancer free for almost 2 years! I think that dying people teach you most about living life. It is amazing how much you can miss a person once they are gone. I bid $55.

Anonymous said...

Harry says he's finally figured it out. He married one of the nutbar sisters. "Tell Joyce" he says.

People I miss: Doug. Worked for us at times. Ate a lot of meals with us. Showed tricks to my youngest son. Talked like Donald Duck. The last time I talked to him he had just had a narrow escape from death. I was a little irritated with him during that last conversation - didn't want to talk to him. A week later he had a fatal accident, and was gone.

Ken. He leaves such a hole in my heart. I have conversations with him in my head. Wish he would answer.


Anonymous said...

I miss all my grandparents but especially my mom's mom - sleepovers at her house were the best. She had the fluffiest, coziest bedding you felt like you were sleeping on a cloud. In the morning there was always homemade cocoa and grapefruit for breakfast. It didn't matter that I didn't like either one - she made it with such love I ate it without a fuss!

Gwenda said...

I lost my Dad & my brother, my great aunt & grandfather in the fall. I always enjoy the peacefull ness of autumn to reflect on how lucky I was to have them in my life. My bid is $60

esther said...

Sarah's birthday is approaching, she would have turned 3...i miss my little girl

Carolyn said...

I will bid 65$


Crystal said...

I've lost too many people that I love. Some I feel daily, like a raw & gaping wound that can surprise me with it's intensity (eg: yesterday's service) and others I feel like a dull ache or phantom pain. You know the person should still be there, but they're just not.

I'm sorry you lost your brother much too soon.


Anonymous said...

I will bid $66. I can't imagine how hard the loss of your brother must be for you. Take care of yourself. :)

Carolyn said...

I will bid 68$- I think that the bag is beautiful! You are very talented!


shaunak said...

I should probably have this to go along with 'Ken's vest'.

Anonymous said...

Lost both my parents 4yrs ago. "Mourning" those you love does have an end, promise! Loving them & missing them has no end. You keep their love & your memories within you always! Bless you Joyce, your sorrow will lessen in time, promise.

joyce said...

Shauna, is this a good time to tell you that "Ken week" lasts four more days?! :)

I expect you to participate in the entire collection!

xo xo I love the bags headed your way.

shaunak said...

I see you deleted you final bid at 8:01 - I just want to say that I am willing to let you have the bag for the $71, if you want it.
I am thrilled to have it for my CHristmas gift pile, but I also don't want to be greedy!
Let me/Joyce know...

shaunak said...

I anticipate that Ke's week will be adding a few bags to my Christmas collection!
Joyce, I am guessing that you know T - and if she really wanted this bag, I am okay with letting her keep it.
Either way, I e-mail you about shipping and all!

tanya said...

Thank you, but you won it fair and square. Maybe I'll have to just become friends with you so I can get on your Christmas gift list...