Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do The Hokey Polka

Sometimes when things incessantly aggravate and niggle at me, a really good something-or-other gets born of it.
What happened was this: I had great shelves built into my little sewing room. Great, big shelves that more than supplemented the cupboard and series of wooden crates that I had set up for fabric storage. And so, the fabric filled and filled and filled all of these shelves.
When I work, I tend to spread out on the floor. So, my room began to feel like it was closing in on me, what with the ideas spreading out on the floor, and the shelves overloaded with fabric eye candy. The problem with too much eye candy is that you can't really see it anymore because you are consumed with just trying to manage it all. So, after the whole lice thing; I was in a major purging mood with all manner of everything. I began to load excess materials into a yard bag for exile into the garage. I can't possibly enjoy it all at once, and much like I do with my collections, the fabric is most pleasing to the eye when it is not all out at once.

While I was purging the fabric, I had the joyful experience of rediscovering some bits and pieces. And getting re-energized about the bags. Which made me want to take a break from the size I'd been committed to for a long time, and just launch out into whatever.

I think that this whatever is going particularly well.
So, a bit about the bag.

The two bottom floral bits came to me via the mayor's wife who is a dulah who knows this dulah who doesn't know me but is generous and green enough to pass on sling scraps. And all that happened at a book launch. Isn't life fun?

The furry body bits and the fun buckle that you'll use to adjust the shoulder strap length are from Granny Morris whose daughter works with my husband who then brings the fabric home with him after Granny brings them to daughter who doesn't live either here or there. Get it? Thought so.
The other bits, mostly dotted, are from Fancy Sample Guy. High quality there.

And that pocket? From my shorts. I retired them this summer because I'm into shorts with length for the next 40 some years. Give or take.

Size? 14" long and 12" wide. Ish.
It's gonna be a great day! Bids until 8 pm, cst.


Anonymous said...

I think I would call these last two bags Amanda bags. Gorgous!!! Eclectic enough for me but toupe enough for her wardrobe.

bygeorge! said...

I was just saying the same... Oh Rose, too funny. Just talking with girls..(I wasn't calling it an Amanda bag... but saying how this bag would be very versatile.. to the office etc.
lovely Joyce!

Cherry Blossom said...

Love this one joyce!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG! That is beautiful! $46.

LN said...

What a great bag! I know someone on my Christmas list would love this one.... I just not sure I would be able to give it away! LOL



tanya said...

Could I get on that Christmas list of yours?

Ranavan said...

oh my gosh this is sooooo pretty!


Anonymous said...

Very nice. $70


Anonymous said...

Love it ... $75

Nice little old lady's daughter

Ranavan said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness joyce, this bag is gorgeous....I LOVE it! I am in for $81

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful but out of my price range ... again. Maybe some day I'll actual be able to buy one of your bags ... oh well ... maybe next time.

Granny Morris' daughter

Anonymous said...

hello Joyce
love the bag and am glad to take a break from the cookie frenzie.
did i really mean it when i said i like to bake?!!
i am in for $82

Anonymous said...

I'm in for $83!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this bag! THe entire thing is gorgeous!!!
Wish I could bid but too close to Christmas for me and I think I may be too late now anyway.
Whomever gets this one is very lucky indeed!

Shelley Marie Penner said...

Hello, I'm a first time bidder, gonna try out my luck:) This is a gorgeous bag!!


Anonymous said...

Another great bag Joyce. Still watching & waiting to snatch up another one someday!

Shelley Marie Penner said...

I think I won:)

PamJ said...

YAY Shelley! Way to go :)

joyce said...

hi Shelley- yes you did!
Was out tonight, so missed the great 8 pm announcement.