Monday, November 3, 2008

If You're Gonna Style; Stylerite.

Need some stylin' in your life? Well, here's your big break. Actually, its not so big, since I made this bag smaller than the big bags. Are you following all this high-tech mumbo jumbo?

It measures about 14.5" by 12", with an adjustable strap, two pockets underneath the flap, and two more on the inside.

The design is inspired by a bag that I saw at the Health Science Centre, waiting in the hallway for Sam's EEG to be completed. We were seated across from a set of elevater doors and watched a lot of people coming and going. Lots of people, and lots of bags; one of which caught my eye. My version turned out quite unlike the one I saw..... But that's the way it goes. The point is that I was inspired.
Isn't that a lovely piece of fabric? These four pieces are sample bits from our high end fabric sample doner.That lovely pieced strap came from a woman whose friend had a yard sale and was unable to sell her myriad of fabric. They set it aside for us, and I've found some real treats in the mix.Kind of blurry- sorry about that. I must have taken these pics before my eightieth cup of coffee.
But still... you get the gist.
Now, to set some things straight. I'm not actually stepping back from the Darfur project. I'm not taking a break until January '09. It was a series of thoughtful suggestions from readers that I took in, mulled over, and appreciated. Instead of taking a large chunk of time off right now, I am simply going day by day. If my kids have tournaments, or appointments, or mini crises, there just might not be a bag to view on the following morning. If the laundry begins to insulate the floor and drafty doors and obscure our beds... there just might not be a bag the following morning.
Not very concise, I know. But it works for me.
Besides, on my week of "taking a break", I completed eight bags that had been promised back in the day when I had more options. So, its safe to say that sewing is in my blood and I'm not about to fight it.
Its a God thing. And I'm just going to check in with the Almighty on a daily basis and then just listen. That's bound to bring everything in line.
Right. About the bag. If you are interested in Stylerite, click on the comment highlighted beneath this post. Leave a numerical figure in the comment box and then identify yourself somehow and choose the "anonymous" option. (if you don't have a blogger account) If you have an account, then you know how to sign in.
The highest bid come 8 pm, cst will become the bag's new owner. That person will e-mail me at and we'll arrange shipping.


Melanie said...

Love it, love it - $45.

esther said...

love it too :)

Anonymous said...

ah yes the old Stylerite - loved that store!!! And the new bag!! might see you later.

The Naked chef

Anonymous said...

I'm in for $55.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! I love the smaller dimensions! Perfect.


Becky said...

Stylrite! I remember shopping there when I was a kid...I have a vague memory of some dolls that were being sold there that looked like they had been fire-damaged or something!

Roo said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a new-bee (buzz buzz) ... how about $65.

Daughter of the nice little lady from Morris

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I've been waiting for the right bag to come along. I do believe this is the one! Unfortunately, I just got home and still have one more meeting to get out to tonight. So, I hoping everyone else gets busy with their dinners and putting kiddies to bed. I would like to bid $80 for this lovely bag and worthy cause. K

joyce said...

just a bit of housekeeping. I will be at a volleyball game this evening, so do not panic if I don't declare a "winner" at 8 pm. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

Love the bag, Joyce. Love the size. Oh, and love YOU, too! Your Schwester Mary

Anonymous said...


joyce said...

walked in the door at 8:01
KH, you are the next contestant on the price is right!

Anonymous said...

Aah sucks. k