Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Although I had no aspirations last night to put a bag together for the blog.... someone very special sent me something wonderful in the mail. And then I just had to, because I was so pleased and honoured, and insired. So, I used some of my favourite pieces to create Clementine. It's a continuation of the Christmas pagaent theme.

Aahh, red velvet body; complimented by all those rich burgandies, greens, and golden browns.
(thank you, Kim Z)

I added a button closure to the flap. The button itself took me great care and contemplation. I used the stash recently acquired through a very thoughtful elderly woman. (thank you Dianne)
It is in the shape of a big, budding flower. I'll bet a fur coat was harmed in the making of this bag; and I'm so grateful!
The strap deserves a category of its own as well. It came from the stash that Lory gave me on my recent trip to her country estate :)

I'm telling you folks. Some bags are just bags to me. Others amuse me. Then there are bags that I pour myself into. This is one such bag.
It's all Shauna's fault, anyway. She sent me those gorgeous organic dark chocolate bars and Hot Dang! We had the rosemary one last night to celebrate Brian turning 42. We were not disappointed. And then with all that glorious dark chocolate swirling around inside me I just had to celebrate by sewing a bag.
And if you're anything like Mel, who happened to snag herself a sweet bag earlier this week....
This special bag could be yours for just $45.00!
So, start your bids here. I'll be waiting, petting that red velvet, until 8 pm, cst.


gloria said...

stunning! $45

Anonymous said...

Really like it Joyce. The reds make me very cheery on this crisp morning. Off to make papanate (really don't know how to spell that one) at my moms with Patti.I'll huck one in your direction.

Melanie said...

This is gorgeous. I don't think my tactic from Monday is going to work on this bag too. Plus Gloria stole my thunder at 7:37 am? What is she doing up at that time - sheesh!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, I think my wife would really like it. $50.

Anonymous said...

While the rest of us feel like we barely have time to read the bag blog, the week before Christmas, Joyce is still cranking out the bags. Bless you! This one is truly a gem. I'll see your $50 and up the bid to $60. km

joyce said...

I happen to love guys who shop so thoughtfully for their wives:)

shaunak said...

Well, how can I resist? $65

I am so glad that the chocolate was able to keep you motivated! We are going to be enjoying a bit of chocolate ourselves, today. We are snowed in and hope to spend a lovely day in front of the woodstove and enjoying some treats.

I SO wanted to name our daughter Clementine - but my husband was just not going for it!

Happy Birthday Brian!

Roo said...

WHAT ARE YOU DOING POSTING PHOTOS OF CHOCOLATE??!!!! that is just plain mean! ;)

ps and THAT is one purty bag. love it. loveyou.

gloria said...

guess my "mel tactic" didnt work, oh pooh!

(verification word: pones, as in corn?)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what the h-e-double hockey sticks. Can't really afford a bag right now, don't need another bag - that just means I have to schlepp more stuff around, but this bag is just so nice and red and upholstery that I can't resist. $70


rob said...


Anonymous said...


joyce said...

$80 it is.
e-mail at
tell me who and where you are so we can arrange shipping.

shaunak said...

Ahhh...I planned to swoop in with a last minute bid, but lost track of time. Well, actually the kids were fighting and I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to enforce time-outs!
It is a beauty, sorry I missed it!

Ken's Salsa arrived today - it is gorgeous and will be delivered to my daughter's teacher tomorrow. Thanks!

mmichele said...

I forgot, too! You are lucky, anonymous.