Thursday, January 15, 2009

Edith and Ina

Okay, well after yesterday's whirlwind, I hope you can all see the wonders of this "Edith and Ina" bag even though it has zero batik on it.

The bag is called "edith and ina" because of two women that are inadvertently involved in this particular piece.

My sister recently brought me a piece of fabric from India that she had purchased and made into an outfit for her friend Edith. The handle is made up of the remnants of that outfit.
Remember the big jar of buttons that a reader delivered over here for her 85 year old friend? The friend's name is Ina. So those three buttons are Ina's. And I love them.

It's splendid. Very warm, and brown, and pretty.
Bids start at $45.
I'll be back to check for the final bid at 8 pm, cst.
After that, the next bag comes on Tuesday, January 20.


Melanie said...

Gorgeous! Warms me up on this fridged day.

Ariel Gordon said...


joyce said...

hey Ariel! your bird friend got a bag yesterday. (you probably already know that...)

Anonymous said...

lovely bag again
it is like going to an art gallery combo library when i visit your site

yesterday's lady dancing was so unselfconsciously beautiful and relaxing but shape wise too close to my image
you know... love it on the bag ..not so much in the mirror
i visited a lady with a mirror that kind of tucked everything in and added height..think she might be open to having me as a regular ? teddy-j

joyce said...

provocative comment. Makes me think of rambling on about some of that stuff over at Blumderview....
will see if I can steal a few minutes later today.
thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Here I was thinking that front flap used to be old, great aunt Edith & Ina's living room chair. (And that it had a faint odor of their yummy homemade cookies & talc before Joyce washed it.) The buttons alone are worth an opening bid of $50. Grandma M (sorry not Morris - although I have been there once)

Becky said...

Joyce, it's beautiful! Just so you know, I was at a seminar in Steinbach today and saw two of your bags! I stopped and chatted with the lady:)

joyce said...

well, it was stiff competition, but the bag is yours indeed, Grandma M!
send an e-mail to and reveal your identity.

joyce said...

hey Becky- which bags? Or which women?