Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vanilla Bean

Today, the throne speech.
As I lounge on my chair, which my human has so thoughtfully decorated for me, I must make pause and speak to my faithful people.
Yes. It is cold today. but not so cold that you should not send your precious little ones out in the minus thirty-five degree temperatures. Oh no. The superintendent of our most trusted rural schools says that its just fine, and that he is confident that all the buses will run and that none of the next generation with lose body parts in their journeys to the little houses of education. So, just ignore all the iceburg sized chunks forming on the corners of your windows, and those loud cracking sounds that the house makes when it has those frost seizures, dress your little ones up in face masks, send them out the door, and shop bags for Darfur.

I'll call it "Vanilla Bean" because it makes one think of a hot specialty coffee. Operative word
here is "hot".

It's a good thing we have such a wise superintendent, or we might let all our vulnerable children stay at home in -35 and drink vanilla flavoured hot chocolate all day. That would not be good for their growing minds.
In the meantime, back to the matter at hand. This bag is all beige and textured and just plain pretty. The body is made of fabrics from Mr Fancy Sample Guy. That means high quality upholstery fabric that I imagine most of us could not afford in the real world. Lucky for us, he and she donated all those samples out of the goodness of their hearts. I bet if they were superintendent, they would cancel school today.
The base of the flap is a sweet fuzzy piece that used to be a couch cushion. I took those cushions apart in my post-Christmas purge, washed them up, and added them to my fabric stashes.
The straps are particularly delicious. I got that fabric from Granny Morris, my undercover fabric hoarder at Morris thrift shop. She's got a good eye. I've been sort of hoarding and drooling over that bit for a while now. But Vanilla Bean just cried out for it.
This bag measures 11 by 12 inches. Its a nice handbag and should go with pretty much anything.
I'm feeling thrifty this tuesday, and its way too cold to walk to the thrift shop. It's not too cold to ask my children to walk to school (just ask the superintendent. Did I mention that already?).
So, I'll pass the savings on to you. Bids today start at $35.00 Canadian. Not Siberian. Although that might get confusing if you have somewhere to walk today and you actually have to go outside.


Cherry Blossom said...

I was tempted to use my trump card (does it expire?) for this one but alas I already have one that looks similar! I love this one!!!

Becky said...

I can't believe they didn't cancel school! My hubby was sent home from work because of the cold (he works outside)...Nothing against the schools (I used to work in them) but I don't think missing one day would hurt too much:)
Anyways, I think my mom would like this bag....I'll check in later!

joyce said...

yes, the trump cards expire in 3010, so don't tarry.

Becky, you're nice. At least, lucky for all the teachers, there will be indoor recess today.

Anonymous said...

I love the bag. I know I won't get it though because my budget is low. I will start with $35 and cheers to whoever ups my bid!

bria erskine said...

This is such a beautiful bag Joyce! I think that I'll have to join in the fun and bid $45 on Vanilla Bean :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, Vanilla - how yummy is this bag! Working in our home office allows me to be an ardent Darfur Eclectic Bag Blog follower. Today I'd gladly trade your non canceled school day for our canceled bus day. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and their children, but I'm not finding myself very productive with 5 little ones here today. So like Grannie Clampett I think I'll perk myself up by dabbing on a little Vanilla Extract and get back to work - but not before I up the bid to $50. Grandma M

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bag Joyce!

Anonymous said...


joyce said...

hi Low-budget-one. I am with you- I shop at thrift stores... I'm still really glad that you left your mark here. It's encouraging to see a comment.

Hi Bria- thanks!
hi Grandma M... I had to read your comment roughly 40 times, because at first I was thinnking Granny M, which would be Granny Morris, who I know for sure does not work in a home office. Bear of very little brain, am I.

Alison- thank you. I might see you in spring at kgt pick-up.... I'll be inside until then....

I know you all probably don't believe me, but I really do appreciate the comments.

Jennifer P said...

If my heating bill wasn't a ridiculous amount this month I would SO bid on this. I might just check back though...

Anonymous said...

My daughter said to wait until 7:59 but I have to try for $51 now and hope everyone else is sitting on their heat register and not checking the bidding.


shaunak said...

I can not believe that his bag hasn't started a bidding war!!

I shouldn't be buying two bags so close together, but my daughter insists that her school administrator needs this one..


Anonymous said...

Love this one Joyce. I have been wanting one with a softer color and this looks like it.

I bid $56.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Whoa, my 9 year old is giddy with the possiblity that we got the bag. I will have to keep her away from casinos as she seems to be displaying early signs of addictive behavior. Especially as I am trying to teach BUDGETING (Which I just blew, by the way. Sigh)
AKA Long time lurker
Identity in ealier email today

Crystal said...

i looooove this bag too joyce... so beautiful!