Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back From... Well, No Where, Really.

I had hoped for enormous epiphanies on my sabbatical. Mind numbingly brilliant revelations of the lifechanging variety.

Here is what I did receive: A lovely visit from a Darfur blog supporter, who came armed with delicious fabrics and some of the most stunning buttons.. quite nearly ever. (I wonder if she knew....) And on the night that I was away watching Sand and Sorrow with some dear friends, I got to come home to this surprise- my daughter jane had already put a few of those buttons to very good use.
Sweet, no?

The film was moving, yes.
I wish I could remember the quotes, but what I do remember is that not caring is easy. Not informing oneself is less uncomfortable. But how do we feel when we hear about the holocaust? And how do we feel when we recognize that it keeps happening over and over and over again, regardless of commendable sayings like "never again"....

I wish it were easy to know what to do. I wish that when we leave the theatre we don't walk past a car covered in advertising for "Weight Loss Shoes"!! and immediately find ourselves back in our own world. So very, very far away from that other world. That we don't know how to impact. I wish there was a way to force justice. And dignity.

But like I said... I didn't exactly receive the epiphany of my dreams during my time away. (Like... Only a few feet away. Not AWAY away.)

I did manage to declutter the giant walk-in closet that I call a sewing room. I purged and re-stacked. Doesn't it look serene-ish?
Gosh. That is one slick work area. Everything there, within reach. Just look at that wide expance of table, just waiting to be sewn on.
hmmmm..... Only one or two things missing there. Like a bernina sewing machine or two?
Yup. weird. I had the one prepped to take in for a full spa treatment as it wasn't wanting to put in one more moment of hard work. Which was fine, since I had that whole other bernina to work with.
Till this afternoon.
When I pulled up to it and it.... Seized.
I have two seized berninas. what the--?! So, off to the doc they go. Just as soon as I can figure out how and when to get them there. I still do have one more machine in the house (aside from those five vintage showpieces that I don't actually work on). The tension in it isn't great so far, but I did manage to unearth the manuel, so maybe I can spin some gold on machine #3 this week.
In the meantime..... I did get some work done anyway. hey! I never said I was taking a break from sewing. So, you can expect some bag action this week. AND, there was this other fabulous thing that happened to me just today...
I got a totally amazing, drop-dead, shoot-me-now, don't-wake-me package in the mail from our friend Lettuce in London, England. She is a brilliant textile artist, and she just may have donated some bags for this very project. After I figure out how to mop the drool off said bags, I just might post them here for your viewing and buying pleasure.

Brilliant stuff.
Now for some housekeeping. Can Jeannie from a few bags ago who got the final bid on "Angel Wax" please contact me at
"See" you on Monday!

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