Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Some Thoughts on Gifts

Often, in the busy-ness of kids and pets and the urgencies of daily living; I am struck by the wonder of gifts that I've been given. Kind of a "pinch me-- this is my life" sort of feeling. Express post packages containing marvelous African fabrics. (gear up, adoptive crowd. There's gotta be some awesome African bags coming down the pike!) Little baggies of metal uniform buttons. A book called "The Hospital By the River". A surprisingly insightful little booklet by Cherry Hartman called "Be-Good-to-yourself Therapy". A brilliant turquoise leather coat that belonged to someone's grandmother. (can't wait to employ that piece. Must get leather needles..... Must get leather needles....) Grandma's buttons. Tablecloths from the post office.

And I'm sure that's inconclusive.
Yesterday when I was going out into the backyard with the kidlets; one of them looked up at me and asked; "Are your going to take yours buttons?"
Invariably, they'll take long breaks from the tramp and the sandbox to come run their hands through my treasures and show me which ones are their favourites.
I have favourites of my own.
Lately, I've been sewing them onto bags with uncharacteristic abandon. If they have survived all these years in tins and jars, and then are graciously gifted to me-- what better time to stop hoarding them and start putting them to good and lovely use? Share them back?
One morning last week, a sweet looking little older lady came up to my back door and asked if I was "Joyce". She had two greeting card boxes full of really old buttons that her friend had asked her to deliver to me.
Can you belive how lovely that is?

Some time ago I received this message in my inbox:
My in laws spent 2 years ('75-'77) in Ghana working on a CIDA project.
(It would seem that for most people - once you've been there your love of Africa and it's people never leaves you. )When I introduced my mother in law to your bag blog she wondered if you would have any use for some of the material she brought home with her.
Pictured above are those incredible pieces which I have the distinct feeling that I will indeed have some use for!
I don't want to "get used to" all this generosity.
So, "Thank you " all so very much. There's lots of good left in the world- just go out and make it happen.
(another bag tomorrow...)


Anonymous said...

The Bible says you will reap what you sow......your generosity to desperate people thousands of miles away is reaping generosity by way of beautiful buttons and fabric coming to you from every direction. Isn't God GOOD!?!

JayP said...

Isn't that a DOG in the picture instead of a CAT now ????

Bags4Darfur said...

very intuitive. Yes, that's our dog. She romps about with the two cats. Last night I dreamed that I was pregnant and had just adopted a little girl, which put our family at a grand total of eight and we would no longer fit the van.


Heather Plett said...

I think you need to read the book I'm working my way through called "The Gift" by Lewis Hyde. I think it's one of those books that will transform me.