Friday, October 16, 2009


"Bite of the Mango" is a memoir written by a young female victim in Sierra Leone's brutal civil war. After having both her hands chopped off with machetes weilded by boy soldiers, she survives to tell a tale that I doubt we North Americans can fathom.

The book reminded me again of the ridiculously uneven distribution of wealth on this planet. And how we just don't really get it.

(these two photos show the interior of the bag. It is turned inside out for the photos to give you a more accurate look at it.)

Underneath the front flap is a small pocket in chenille.

The body is made of a high quality heavy cotton/polyester.

Accents employ an old chenille bedspread dyed a red raspberry sort of colour.

I love mixing chenille with velvet. Naughty, but nice.

And do you really need me to go on about buttons at all any more?!

*Check out "Bite of the Mango" if you like to read personal accounts of life in Africa.
About the bag: medium sized messenger bag; approximately 6" wide and 9" long. Two interior pockets, one on the outside. Auction will remain open until 9:30 pm cst today; Friday, October 16, 2009. Opening bid is $25- or more.
My computer is having problems, so I may not check in until later this evening.
Happy Friday!


Karen said...

Until yesterday, I didn't even realize you were back! Now I'm in trouble, particularly with Christmas around the corner (ouch!).

Very sweet bag. Love the buttons heart!



[And I will definitely check out that book - I'm sure it's a tough but necessary read.]

joyce said...

It is actually a very easy read- listed as a young readers book. The descriptions are not graphic, but after reading "The Book of Negroes", this simpler book followed well on its heels. I still had the weight of the Negro book on my mind.

Both good reads. (Book of Negroes a must read)

gophercheeks said...

I too am on the hunt for some Christmas treasures.... this bag is great. I love it!

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
by Ishmael Beah is another book from a different perspective in the SL civil war. I read it last year after Tears in the Desert.... such a sad story.
Have you read The Shack yet? I have heard good things so am getting into that one at the moment.

joyce said...

Ishmael is spoken of in this book. I think they both represent "free the children".

I tried and tried to read The Shack. It was meaningful for so many people, but I just could not GET INTO THAT SHACK! I felt like rolling my eyes most of the time. I wish it wasn't true.... but others got so much out of The Shack, whereas I just wanted to get outa the shack.

Roo said...


Roo said...

ps i might share my book selection but you might laugh. ;)

Anonymous said...

$45 - I just saw Mariatu speak yesterday - have not read her book, but seeing and hearing her was very moving. I read 'A long way gone' mentioned by gophercheeks.

So, this is fortuitous - stumbling upon this blog today. I have a sewing machine and lots of old clothes and have been thinking of making bags for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Really I am not stupid - I just realized I put a bid and did not leave any contact info. I posted without thinking about this, the first time - but I am unwilling to publish my email address, because it contains my name, so I will send you an email. I am the $45 person.

joyce said...

no stupidity assumed- people frequently publish bids under "anonymous" for the very same reason.

I can't believe you SAW and HEARD Mariatu TODAY! gives me shivers.


Roo said...

ummm. $50.

Roo said...


joyce said...

hey roo roo- you're right! gonna go matchy matchy with your mama?

;) you are cute.

Roo said...

joyce!!! have you any idea how happy i am. i am jumping up and down. for real. !!!!!!!!!!!!
can we pick it up