Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday's Offering

(Hey-- YOU try and come up with an original bag name every day! I'm stumped this morning... And)
Well, Monday morning has dawned.
A few of my favourite things: that gorgeous turquoise lambskin coat-turned-bag.

The edge of one of those funky wall carpets that all our parents had in the '70's.
(just the edge- I avoided the deer and the sunset...)
My daughter's cat.
And... two lamby pockets on the front panel.
And. My right foot.
The coat.
(Did I mention that?)

Love this piece. A snip from a pillow slip.

A turquoise kitchen apron. I love those dandelion looking poofs on that fabric.
The strap: several unused fabric napkins, and an apron.
I must say; this bag was a pleasure to build. It's soft, a lovely medium size (12" wide; 11" deep)
[Crumb. I forgot to photograph the inside, and now it's nearly crush hour.... You'll have to accept my description.]
A few more pocket features on the inside: double pockets on one side. Pocket #1 is divided into two small pockets. I greedily thought that one was the perfect size for my business cards. Pocket #2 and #3 span the width of the bag.
Bids begin at $25- Cdn and the auction concludes at 9:30 pm, cst this evening- November 9, 2009.
totally unrelated:
Well, you're invited.
All of you.
Great way to meet some lurkers. ;)


Anonymous said...

I will start at $25.00 - MK

Ms. Caddywumpus said...

One of these days I will get a bag.

I'm in for $30

tanya said...

Love it! $35

Giulia said...

I can't bid as I've 2 things going over at Made4Aid but if I didn't. Just wanted to say this is absolutely wonderful; I love it. I shall keep my eye on it.



PS: verification word is 'design' - I had to put that in.

sandi said...


Janice said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Lets see if I can remember to log in at 8:29 MST to check my bid - nope, I won't, even if I remember. I will be on mom's taxi duty. Got to get that girl some driving lessons.


sandi said...


Melodie Ramos said...

I love the coat...
and I will be back to bid on the next bag that features it!