Friday, December 4, 2009

She Thinks She Can Dance

The body is a collection of mysterious organs; yes?
Why, for example, am I typing up a post at 5:26 am, two cups of coffee into the day? Because my eyes popped open at 4:00 and refused to behave after that.
I really am getting old.Today's bag comes to you from the archives. Well, that is- if you can call finding a half finished bag in a stack of fabric in the basement "the archives".
The pants that form pockets beneath the flap: I distinctly remember that these came from a ballet dancer in Winnipeg who cleaned up a closet and passed over a box of remnants, and a pair of pants. I think it's kind of funky to have a ballet dancer's pants on a bag. It's the closest I've ever come to dance myself.
(I think that' s from a shirt that Roo gave me....)
It forms a side panel pocket. There is one on each side.
View from behind.

I put in a pocket from my own bottoms, just for the sake of equality.
(and to flesh out that whole "I'm part of a dance troupe now" fantasy.)
Yup. That's me. Just hanging out with the skinnies at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

size: large. 13" wide, 12" deep.
eight pockets. really.
$25- starts it off, bids until 9:30 pm cst, tonight, December 4, 2009.


tanya said...

As much as you wish you could still be sleeping, you have to admit that some quiet time at 4 am isn't all bad.
I'm realistic enough to recognize that I could never be a dancer, grace and poise have never been my strong suits. But the bag is cool even if it doesn't inspire me to put on a leotard. $25.

Alison said...

Neat bag!

Anonymous said...

love the juxtapose dancing energy of this bag!
Ginny 2-step

Janice said...

Another quilt - beautiful. Reminds me of my mom, and all the wonderful women and quilts in our family.

I love the stories you put in these bags.

joyce said...

Tanya. Could you put on a leotard anyway? Pleeeeeeeease?

I can't even walk. (you should see my wedding video. Girl in lovely vintage dress teeter tottering up the aisle)

Ginny- you're a tough one to keep up with. It's friday- you could shorten it to just "gin" you know.

Janice- couldn't you set up a blog so I can see the quilts? Pleeeease? Tanya said she'd wear a leotard for me. the least YOU could do is post some photos of family quilts....


PamJ said...

Likin it!! Hope you get it this time Ali :)
And Joyce - THANKS for fixing my well loved bag (and for putting a label on it ~~ AWESOME!!) YOU are awesome and amazing for serving in a way that is pretty unique.

Anonymous said...

I love the bag! Recently came across your blog and I'm so glad I did. Will you ship to Alaska?



perrygirl :) said...

Hey Joyce, love the bag and all the pockets! I'm a sucker for pockets.
Here's another confession, I'm a details person. Ok, nit-picky. I noticed your sidebar has a minimum bid posted at $45. :)
Keep those pocket laden bags coming!

joyce said...

Pam- it was a pleasure, really. The bags are like relatives to me.

Kelly- that would be another pleasure! I don't think we've entered Alaska yet. New York- yes. Alaska? no. But I would be so happy to send it there. e-mail me at with your address so that I can find out how much shipping would be.

Pg- I know. I knowIknowIknow!

Every time that I type in "$25 starts it off", I remember that this does not coincide with my sidebar. But do I change it? noooooooo. That sidebar info is from back in the day when things were a little hot around here- after the free press article. Now we've simmered back down to reasonable.
Must Change Sidebar.

Keep those comments coming!

Roo said...

well, since you're dancing ANYWAY...maybe i should make you one of these AMAZING tutu's i've discovered on some crafting website. heh??? what do you think? i'll even add buttons!!!!!!!!!