Thursday, January 21, 2010

Veens Mibull Darp

Does anyone remember that crazy ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR bag from June of 2008? Well, even a gal of very little brain such as myself will never, ever forget that. That's the sort of event that freezes in the grey matter, causing shivers and tears just in the remembrance of it.
This bag reminds me of that crazy one thousand dollar bag.
And it reminds me of this one.

It's hard to believe that I've been sewing Darfur bags for nearly two years now. I think if I'd known that going in, it would have felt overwhelming. But it doesn't. It just makes me unbelievably grateful and glad. Glad for all the goodness I've been witness to.
Thank you.

Like the bags before it, Veens is created out of itty bitty scraps. Garbage, really.
These scraps are actually small upholstery samples, hand delivered by our town's own angel. A young employee of one of our town's pioneers- Wiens Furniture Store. Hence the title-- When I was a girl, the radio station had an ad for Wiens Furniture entirely in low german. We always got a great deal of mirth out of it.

Anyhoo- I pieced together these little sample scraps into a flap sized piece.
Then I combined it with other sample pieces and viola! a bag.

Two pockets for your keys and small pets.

It was fun to employ the many colour options that the patchwork supplied. That meant that the blue body, brown strap, and green pockets all looked awesome together.

I used a couple of Brian's rejected shirts for the interior pockets. Using the actual shirt pocket meant that two pockets were immediately formed on each side. I like those small pockets for little stuff like lipstick and candy for church. If you're gonna go to church, you've gotta have candy.

So, there you have it.
I'll leave this bag auction open for two days- concluding on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 9:30 pm cst. It'll be the last bag until Monday of next week.
Width: 11"
Depth: 12"
Bids begin at $1,000.00 Cdn $25.00 Cdn.
hee hee
ha ha.
Whadda Bargain!


Rosa said...

Beautiful and sounds like your morning is a little brighter than yesterday.

Dancin' Momma said...

Love the colours, $25

Yeah, my first bid! :)

PamJ said...

it's so pretty. you have a huge heart. love that.

christine said...

You beat "soule mama" and her fancy projects and books on SO MANY LEVELS.
your creative use of bits and pieces for your bags is seriously astounding.
i hope you never lose sight of your gift, and how you share it with the world, every single day.
you are an inspiration to me. i am afraid of sewing.
i have been collecting remnants to sew together for a BLANKET (how hard can that be to make?) for 5 years now. no i think it's 7 years. my brain doesn't know how to pick patterns and put colors together.
it is no small feat what you do, again...multiple times a week no less. i raise my coffee to you! ( i know you weren't asking for praise in this post by the way)...

christine said...

you give more than you know. it's not just the bags.
that's what i'm trying to say. (and i'm serious about soulemama).

Chelsea said...

I wish I had 1000 big ones to buy this bag is so nice!! I bid $40

Janice said...

Radio ads in Low German? Only in Manitoba - and perhaps Uruguay. Our kind of Mennonite was not allowed radios.

Another gem - I just went back and read about the $1000 and $500 bags. This person was for real? WOW. I can't believe I got 3 for only $200. But I have to bake my own banana bread ):

Anonymous said...

Joyce, you know you're really messing with my "bag disorder" on this one. Oh my. I'm quite sure this one would not make my arse look big? I've decided to be brave, practice, I am NOT bidding on this one. At least not for now. Maybe if this was for Haiti....? It's beautiful, real niice. Katie

joyce said...

My morning was a little brighter, seeing as I didn't leave pets and toddlers freezing in their own pee on my deck.


but I'm still grumpy. i'm still tired. So its only a little brighter.

Yay! hi first bidder-- we love you!

Pam- it has pretty big patches of BLACK grumpy bits.

Christine- would you like to be on staff? For zero dollars and zero benefits?

Your collection of bits reminds me of something: I want to plan an open house/stitch & bitch/ fair trade coffee house/ fundraiser/ hen house meeting. Then I'd help you with your blanket. Thatd be fun.

Chelsea- I'm glad for the $40-. I wouldn't pay $1000 for a bag either. And you know what else? that bag's patches was made up of fortrel, which in our childhood was considered the ickiest of icky- poor, and unfashionable people wore fortrel.

these days, it can fetch a thousand.

Manitoba, indeed.
We are a very special variety.

Kathy- it's my pleasure.

Bev said...

My friend moved to Otterburne from Saskatchewan this summer and introduced me to the website. She won this bag:

Been watching and waiting ever since:

Dancin' Momma said...

Ahhh thanks, I feel so welcome! I think this might become an addiction.... $48

Bev said...


Chelsea said...


joyce said...

MEOW! (I'm trying to tempt you all into a cat fight.)

Bev- what fun to look up the bag that your friend purchased, and then discover her blog! Thanks for letting me know how you got here. It's always interesting.

Bev said...

Actually, Joyce, I didn't meet Dixie until she moved to Otterburne in Sept. Then she told me that her fantastic bag came from Niverville just 8km away! I've been following THIS blog to get a great baby bag for baby #3 ever since. :)


Roo said...

the best.

Dancin' Momma said...
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Dancin' Momma said...


Dancin' Momma said...

LOL this is pretty fun!

Anonymous said...


Bev said...


joyce said...

Bev, send me an e-amail

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce!
I'm pretty disappointed that I missed out on this one. I'd sure love to see another like it ;)

Joi :)

joyce said...

I'll do my best....