Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Heart Day

I think I mentioned that I love Valentines Day.

I am also quite fond of velvet-esque fabrics; patterns that force red and pink to get along;ric rak, and buttons. Of course.

What a great excuse Valentines is for putting it all together.
The heart in the corner has a lovely little story to go along with it. A sweet lady named Mrs R found me through Dave Sanderson's newspaper piece back in '08. She wasn't particularly internet savvy, but she kept the newspaper clipping hanging around her (inspiring) sewing room for a long while, and then one day decided that it couldn't really be that hard to figure out my phone number. She was right about that, and soon we made a connection.
Mrs R had an impressive stack(s) of fabric and other fabulous collectibles. She invited me in and showed me her amazing quilting talents. She also passed along boxes of upholstery samples and other goodies that she had inherited from another friend of hers. In amongst the treasures (which I perused in my back yard with a friend in the sunny days of spring....)
I found a nifty piece of fabric art. Fabric layered with bits of scrap lace and coloured threads, sandwiched under a piece of netting. I loved it and couldn't wait for a good idea of how to use it.
And there it is. A beautiful little heart art.

A piece of upholstery makes up the front pocket and the back panel of the bag.

The shoulder straps are a smorg of delicious bits and pieces. A cross stitched tablecloth, a tea towel, a pink and red scrap that I've been in love with for a long time.

(isn't it a great piece?)

Put them all together and they.... work!

I'm pretty sure that's my last piece of burgandy, green and cappucino coloured upholstery. Of course, there's always that possibility of another bit of it hiding beneath several hundred pounds of other stuff.

I must say that it was a joy to create.
Especially since last night it was still in pieces on my sewing room floor. But today being a day off (yahoo!) I was able to "sleep in" until 6:40, then get up leisurely and sew away in a quiet house without having to check the clock, wake up kids, make lunches, or open the door to daycare babes. Ahhh, the luxuries.

Inside pockets number three small and two medium.

Now, I don't mean to suggest that this is a "Valentine" bag. It's just a great, loving bag that coincides with that particular day in February where we choose to celebrate our loved ones.
So don't get all silly and practical and convince yourself that this isn't a year round bag.
It is.
So there.
8.5 wide; 9.5" tall. Sides are 4" wide.
Starting bid= $25- Cdn.
Auction dates: Starts on February 15, and closes on February 16, 2010 at 9:30 pm cst.


Mary KG said...

Hey I'm first today -- THAT is one beautiful bag Joycie!!! $25. And what a nice story to go along with it. Schwester

Melissa said...

My first time to bid!

I can't resist this one - $35

Anonymous said...

Joyce I love this one! It brings me great joy each and every day to check out your bags!

Kelli Moore said...

I can't bid today, but I wanted to tell you how much I love all the designs you created on the front and also the pocket almost within another pocket. Genius.

Wendy Buhler said...

I would like to bid $40.

Chelsea said...

I Heart this bag soooo is soooo beautiful...i bid $50 big ones

Karen said...

Oh, it's adorable.

As I head off to a course today with all my books and laptop in one of your bags (buttons and flowers, from last year) and my odds and ends in another of your bags (my new peace bag!), I will try my best to refrain from bidding today ....

Hope the Valentine's beauty fetches a huge winning bid!


Janice said...

Oh another beauty. I want it, but lots of expenses coming up - my baby is graduating from high school. So, I will just tell you I love the bag, and you are an inspiration.

joyce said...

Dear Bag Lovers;
Your words give me energy.
They give me smiles.
They make my fingers itch to go and put SOMETHING ELSE together.

You probably think that you have said it all before, and its redundant. But I want to affirm to you- You are heard! And appreciated. So very much.

Melissa said...

Boo, I'm going to have to let this one go, but I will be back!


Anonymous said...

So very very pretty!

Dancin' Momma said...

Very pretty bag! Too bad I missed out on the bidding. :(

joyce said...

awesome Chelsea! $50 for you.

Chelsea said...

woho, thank you Joyce!

Melodie Ramos said...

it is simply beautiful, I love the button hearts.

I am also enjoying my bag so much!

Roo said...


seriously sweet bag.