Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Tick Tock Bird

What happened here? Was she supposed to be paying bills but began drawing birds instead? Was she in a time warp that brought her back to doing dishes in 1981?
Perhaps we'll never know.

I've had many thoughts of time running through my mental matter lately. You'll see that reflected in the bags from time to time.
It coincides nicely with my new-ish fascination with calendar tea towels. It's particularly handy
when my stash of tablecloths cooperates with trailing ivy and kitchen wall clocks.

Pockets? Two beneath the flap, and four inside. I've been less greedy with my hanky collection recently. I really like that tiny white one with the blue trim. (is it a hanky? or a doily?)

Itemized contents:

  • calendar tea towel
  • upholstery samples
  • tablecloth
  • remnant from Brandon MCC (thanks Boler Babe)
  • hankies
  • polka dots from Valerie C (thanks! Love those dots. Been staring at them for over a year now)
  • an ugly duvet cover which looks great in small pieces (green geometric flap) but remarkably ghastly in meter upon meter of wildness.


  • 10.5" wide, 12" deep
  • Opening bid= $25.00 Canadian.
  • Auction end time: 9:30 pm, wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dancin' Momma said...

Very cool! I will kick things off with $25 :)

Chelsea said...

so cool Joyce!

Rosa said...

Tove is in love. $30

Anonymous said...



Janice said...

How do you do this? Again, I admire your creativity and energy and artistry . . . All the while looking after hoards of children. WOW. (Another skill I admire.)

Another beautiful bag, great photography, great story.

joyce said...

I do it in fourteen second intervals. With saturdays and Sundays thrown in. And some compulsion. And a handy coping tool- I cope with chaos and uncertainty by creating.

tanya said...

Fabulous bag Joyce! I'm always amazed at how you keep comng up with new designs.

joyce said...

are you saying that there's invaluable worth in me spending hours stumbling through artistic websites?! (please, oh please justify my temptations...)

Anonymous said...

Oh that bird!
too tweet!
*just keep doing what your doing... !

esther said...

that is a great little birdie - i like :)

tanya said...

As long as you spend those hours in 14 second intervals, I don't see the harm, and it certainly is worth it! Although, I am trying so hard to maintain my spectator status, so keep up the good work, but if you wanted to make all the bags varying shades of pink from now on I'd have an easier time...

chelsea said... to bid!!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors.



Roo said...

sew amazing.

Anonymous said...

so who is the winner of this beautiful bag?

joyce said...

that would be Roberta!

gophercheeks said...

This is my happy today.

Green= earthy love.

Anonymous said...

Joyce. I shall mail you the cheque if you could please provide me with your snail mail address. Don't worry about shipping. Please give it to my sister Rox in church. Or the alternative would be to Chris at youth. Is that ok with you??

joyce said...

perfect, got it.

box 1018
you know the rest.

gloria said...

this one is VERY creative Joyce - love it