Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Out On a Limb With Solomon, Mother Teresa, and Mama Bear

So, yesterday was a first in more ways than one.
We had Mother Teresa. Little Miss Sunshine. Bethany. And the two mamas who as far as I know, don't live together, don't know each other, and yet-- share a brain. Their brains process the very same ideas, numerical figures, and decision making processes. Their fingers follow those commands down to the very second.

Which puts me in the position of King Solomon, who had to decide between two women who each claimed that an infant child was their own. In his great, Biblical wisdom; he offered to cut the boy in half so that the gals could have equal oppurtunity; knowing that the real-for-real momma wouldn't quite put up with that kind of brilliant masculine brainwave.

Me? I'm not even willing to cut a bag in half.
I don't want a throne.
(I would like a drink with that Mother Teresa, she sounds fascinating).

The long and the short of it is that at exactly 9:30 pm, the two mamas both put forth bids of $76.00. And I wanted to honour them both. Both these mamas are adopting, or have adopted, from Ethiopia. Both of them sound lovely, and unselfish, and of course-- have excellent taste in handbags! I don't think fast, because experience teaches me that I say dumb things that I regret.

So, after sleeping on it, and stewing on it, here's what I came up with: Two $76.00 trump cards for the next three branch bags. Plus yesterday's Pussy Willow. We'll leave Pussy Willow as is (unless, Ddae, that you are entirely and completely convinced you want Corrine to have it) Meanwhile, I will piece together up to three more branch bags. On each given day, Corrine and Ddae can decide to "buy it now" at $76.00 (first one to say so gets it) or play along with any other bidders and possibly get a better deal. If you both decide to leave Pussy Willow as is for now; then we'll re-post it on the fourth day. And the first bidder can trump it for $76.00.

And you know what's sweet about this deal? It's just possible that Bethany (I think that's a Biblical name as well...) and the Good Mother also have a chance at fulfilling their boreal dreams.

Have I thought of everything? (not bloody likely)
Input is more than welcome. So are people with sewing machines.......


Dancin' Momma said...

Thank you Joyce for your wisdom. And no, Corrine and I do not know eachother! LOL

For me it was not about the design, it was about the fabric (and those beautiful buttons). The reasons are far too indepth to get into here, but suffice it to say I have a long history with roses.

From this post do I assume this was the only piece of this fabric?

I made my decision and I would feel like a twat to go back on it now. Corrine gets the bag. As for the trump, its ok. Thank you so much for the offer though. It is very kind of you.

tanya said...

Wow Joyce,
You may not be Solomon but you've certainly figured out a wise (and somewhat complicated) way of deciding this. I love all this drama almost as much as the bags.

joyce said...

what about size, DDae? I found one small sample of the same style of fabric in a darker tone. Still the exact same rose design. The sample measures 8.5" x 9". I could use coordinating fabrics to make it larger. This is one way I could deliver on the roses. Give me a clue as to what your ideal size would be, that way I'm not whistling in the dark.

joyce said...

DDae- send me an e-mail at re-joyce@mts.net I have something to show you.

Lori said...

Looks like everything will turn out. I'm not surpised this one was a bidding war, loved this bag too!

janice said...

WOW - what an exciting day in Bags 4 Darfur land. I was still the only one that bid for the cat.

I am the same Janice - like that - Mariatu Janice.

So, you are diplomatic and wise, too - as well as a generous ambitious creative genius. . . . And you can look after crowds of small children. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

This looks like there will be more branch bags to salivate over that we, as the great unwashed, cannot bid on because of dibbs

I read the responses

then the lovely moms come back and are so gracious and work it out so nicely except for the true emotions at the core of this i.e.of the use of the word twat!

This is hilarious

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that I may still get my "branches" bag?!?!? SOOOO excited!! I'll be watching and checking!

p.s. and yes it is a biblical name:>

joyce said...

actually, anyone and everyone can bid on anything. But if you see the name Corrine or D Dae and they follow up with a $76 trump- then the game is over.

(She says all these things. Meanwhile, her life contains drama. She has a meeting this evening. The sun is shining, and her bicycle waits. Does she actually HAVE a bag for tomorrow?! Well. That remains to be seen. But she sure can talk fancy)

joyce said...

I must agree that the use of the word "twat" was a great knee slapper. Brought it all down to the street level. Yay! I love people! And Biblical Bethany, you will have a few more limbs to hang onto. (I wonder if anyone would pay $76- for simply a limb? Because I DO have a few of those cut out...)

Corrine said...

I am excited to see tomorrows bag!
Hopefully you have one ready but if not I am sure we will all wait.

I don't know D Dae at all but we probably have alot in common. Feel free to e-mail me privately if you would like D Dae. I would love to hear about your Ethiopia experience. For us, this is our second child and our first came from Haiti. My e-mail is cnbondATtelusDOTnet

Dancin' Momma said...

Hi Joyce I tried emailing, but it bounced a few times. I have tried sending again. Let me know if you got it.

Jenni said...

I don't know if you all (aka... all contributing posts) realize this, but you're my comic relief, my break from stressful days, and Joyce - your bags are my temptations, in the form of trees, branches, and buttons. You inspire me!

Dancin' Momma said...

Joyce, just to confirm if we bid along with others, do we lose our trump, or can we play along and only use our trump if the price jumps higher than our trump? Little confused on this one.

joyce said...

you don't lose your trump. That buy it now option exists today, tomorrow, and the next branch after that. You don't have to use the 76 option at all. It simply guarantees that the bag immediately becomes yours.