Monday, June 7, 2010

Purple Power

Yay! She kind of got her life together and managed to post a bag!

And not just any old bag. One with zip and zap and a little personality.

that incorporates lots of dots and fun scraps.

You never really know what works together until you get going on something. Then the magic begins to happen.

Patti's Guatemalan shirt goes well with a vintage polka dotted table cloth. That's not something you would just know.

Interior pockets; Sides A and B.

Polka purple power.
Say that eleven times fast.
This grand little bag measures approx 8" wide and 9" long.
Because I've been fairly irregular around here, I'll leave the auction open until Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 9:30 pm, central standard time. I would encourage you to leave a bid of some amount if you are interested in the bag. Sometimes people mean to come back closer to close time, but then forget and some lucky sod who bid days ago lands up "bagging the bag".
Please begin bids at a minimum of $30.00 Cdn.


janice said...

Beautiful. I have no money left, and I have enough bags. Only one of those things is true - Bags are like shoes - never enough.

It costs >$1000 to celebrate a graduation - Dress, shoes, jewelry, hairdo, spray tan (necessary to cover the gashes and bruises from soccer/rugby, limo, camping trip, dance tickets, portraits, box of beer (I am the coolest mom - or a bad influence). . . .

Now I am broke. But the bag is beautiful. Glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Joyce as usual you rule! This is fab!

christine said...

i'll start things off at $30 dah-las please.
its beautiful.

Jenni said...

beeeautiful! give me a couple weeks to sell my old lemon of a car and I will have $$ to bid. we've missed you, joyce!

Melissa said...

I'm glad your back Joyce...I am still waiting for the perfect diaper bag!
Jenni - I think once you sell the lemon of a car you need to come visit me with your extra $$ :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am going to be cheap and throw in my bid of $31 which I know will be upped immediately, but I am broke, the bag would be fabulous for my daughter, and I just have to try.

Anonymous said...

schmmukk Joyce, zia schmmmukk. It does look quite radical for me, I am tempted though. Wouldn't it be great for Darfur AND the Niv Fair? hmmmmm. Katherine

chiromomma said...

Love this bag. I'll bid $45.

joyce said...

You're the baddest, coolest mom EVAH, Janice. I'd rather buy my kid the grad beer than have her do favours to some grease ball to get it for her.

KCar, you have been faithful. Thank you.

Christine, so are you.

Jenni,, thank you. Don't you think that "Car excuse" is running a little thin? ;)

Melissa- what would the perfect diaper bag look like.... roughly?

run-on. It's always worth the shot. Sometimes it totally works, so come back for another try!

And Danella- you got the golden ticket!

I can't believe that three days has passed again in a hiccup. That's probably the only bag I'll manage this week.


janice said...

That is one more bag than I managed this week, or any week. And I have no noses or bottoms to wipe (except my own TMI).

Melissa said...

The perfect diaper is still just a thought in my head. I do think it would be a messenger bag, purple (sort of like the Drowning Over Here bag you posted on 05/25/2010). It would need pockets. Not too wild...but not too tame either.
As Jenni would be able to tell you...I'm kinda picky *blushes*
I have until September to find I will just keep checking back :)

Jenni said...

Melissa, you're ridiculous. :) Let's hang out sometime before September when I go back to the land of perpetual winter.
Joyce... don't even try to cater to those kind of vague requests. She's impossible. ;) I love them all. Looking forward to dropping in again in September.

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earlene glasgow said...

wow! God's given you a gift and its' great to see that you're using it for others! i'll have to keep checking your site, i'm in the market for a unique messenger style bag with pockets :)