Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Beckons

Totally forgot about that retro bus that I kept in the garage to make use of this summer.
I guess maybe it's hidden under boxes of fabric.
I bet those vintage people it comes with are sort of hungry and thirsty by now.

I should probably get out there and skip around with them while the sun shines.

Maybe even strut a little under the umbrella on the very shore of a luscious lake.
If you're looking for me before September, when I'll be back with Bags4Darfur in one capacity or another... Well, you'll have to hunt me and my vintage friends down in one of my party wagons.
Summer is way too short, and we belong outdoors.
**feel free to e-mail for any reason at all
Thanks for another successful year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce,
I love those pics. What kind of magazine did you find those in?
I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with lots of sunshine, friends and family fun.

Anonymous said...

Have a great summer, I will pop in during the summer incase but will be back to preview bags come September.


janice said...

Have lots of fun in your retro wagons. Way Out Man!!

joyce said...

I found those images by googling "vintage summer" I believe.

Vicki- I hope to get all charged up with fresh inspiration and come back pumped.

Janice- the only wagon in my driveway besides the red plastic one that I haul the kids in is the Montana Middle Class Family Van.


JayP said...

While your on holidays Joyce, could you please stop by Staples or Michael's Crafts and pick up some photo transfer sheets for me.

Print/transfer all three of these pictures onto some cloth. One for one for the other side...and the other for the flap....OF MY NEW PURSE!!

....although it SURRRRE would be nice it it was my summer purse but I suppose I'll have to

Hugs to Joyce and her family. Have a great summer.


Lori said...

Love those vintage cars and friends of yours. Have a lovely summer with lots of picnics and family time.

Schwester Laura said...

Ah, picnics in dresses. Wishing you a fabulous summer.

Anonymous said...

Joyce you are so cool with your vintage holiday, who else would think of that. Have a great summer, look forward to the tales of it. hugs

Jennifer P said...

I have not forgotten about you (with heaps of vintage fabric that need to get to you). I picked up my back from Karla and it's amazing. Let's chat in August to work together to raise more money for Darfur.

Anonymous said...

hey girl it is Sept 1

joyce said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..... (she laughs nervously...)
heh, heh.
Brian tells me that it's summer until mid September?

heh, heh.