Thursday, September 30, 2010

About That...

Yeah, I know.
I make this announcement about coming back.
I come back, like..... twice.
Then I vanish.
I've been thinking for the last long while that it's time to change things up. And now that I've come back, then disappeared, and am now crawling back towards the mike.... I'm here to tell you where my head is at.
I'm applying to get into some craft/charity sales in my area.
I like the buzz of the crowd, the event, the new exposure. And I'm hoping to bust into some new markets.
Wanna know where I'll be? Check back here and I'll be listing my whereabouts, just as soon as I know what they'll be!
* that cute girl at the top with the shape of an "L" on her forehead? That's not me. When you run into her in the wide world, do not wave and say "Hey Joyce! Nice bags!" She might take offence. She's just a random google image.
Not that this diminishes her existence in any way.


Anonymous said...

So does that mean that those of us that are not blessed to live in your area will no longer be able to partake in the joy of your bags?

Jenni said...

Speaking of new markets... I wanted to ask you about the possibility of coming to an event on the evening of November 3??? I feel incredibly blessed to live in your area, at least until I finish this infernal invention they all call "education." Drop me a line if you have time -

Mary KG said...

My word verification is "bugias" ... as in "bags?-my-ass!!" or... it "bugs-my-ass" that Joyce is quitting? the way we're used to, or ... "boogie-R-us" (kind of like bags-r-us an off-shoot of toys-R-us the kids store). or ???
I do wonder what you're planning!

Anonymous said...

cheers Joyce...
just thoughts... your bags4Darfur is solid.. in my opinion... but I see where it is too much. REal big and busy life.. producing and risking bidding price range.
what if you did less frequent bags- with minimum bid pricing. if it doesn't sell by deadline - it goes off~to market! and mix it up - with what you also do well.. the most charming found treasures.
you blog them - how about putting the odd apron or vase or thimble. (ok - not the thimbles!)up for the cause. It might not produce the same dollar volume.. but it would maintain the following.. still earn money.. and still build a domino of interest in your art and
Darfur. Your gift of words and images could sell a rolling pin to a B.B. that has sworn off Rolling pins....
just thoughts.

joyce said...

I"m thinking; "boogey ass"
which I am NOT.

joyce said...

hmmm. I so appreciate input and comments. You have no idea.
I wish I had a personal "trainer" in this thing called life. Or a committee. Or a straight forward mind.

I am thinking about everything I have read here. I feel a spark of excitement, actually.

Anonymous said...

thoughts your way joyce!!

Lori said...

What ever you decide, it should be best for you and your family. God speed!

Roo said...

YEAH!!!! providence is selling table for $35...craft sale in november...IF (that is) you are interested....