Tuesday, October 5, 2010

bits and pieces

Floey has become most addled at the lack of media attention as of late.

Her human, on the other hand, has been enjoying the liberty of finishing nothing.
No race to move from the creative joy of design into the necessary finishing touches of shoulder strap assembly and thread clipping. Simply a wild abandon of flitting from design to idea, and back again. Both berninas are happily whirring along and continue to insist on running out of bobbin thread at the most inoppurtune of times.
And, I have yet to discover a practical way to actually operate two berninas simultaneously. Imagine the production potential!
Thank you all for your patience as I bumble my way along this journey of supporting sisters in the Darfur region of Sudan. How priveleged are we that so many options and choices are available? They, meanwhile, suffer continued violence and rape, lack of basic supplies, and inadequate housing in a camp far away from home.
In my place of priveleged freedom, I am enjoying the creative freedom to just sew. No 6:00 am photo shoots for now. No daily deadlines.
As for you, if you're curious as to what I've been up to, you can double click on any image and it will enlarge itself. There are a couple of pieces that I'm working on that I'm planning to talk about in greater detail, as time allows. (and when my &%^$#@ laptop gets repaired and returned to me once again)
If you're in the area, go to the thrift shop this morning. I rode by there last night on my basket bearing Hiawatha and noted women scurrying about with every manner of Christmas loot. I'm being pretty darned generous telling you this, since I won't be able to make it there myself. Try not to get all the good stuff, ok? I'll be hunkered down here with Floey the cat, a bernina on each side, and minions of preschoolers.


Giulia said...

Nice to see you (& kitty) back on the blog, Joyce.

Things are indeed very, very bad in Darfur. I spoke with a friend two days ago (in El Fasher, on her way out to another camp)& she sounded dejected in a way that I'm not used to hearing.

That's about all I can say for safety reasons but not much more need be said, anyway.

Christmas? Oh lord. I don't have a pumpkin yet...& may not. Maybe I'll just go "full-crazy cat lady" & dress up the cat.

Sigh. Cheers...

janice said...

Hi Floey; so nice to have you back.
Oh the designs - how do you do it? They are all beautiful. And you have fun making them. I am going to try it one of these days.
Sending out prayers and happy thoughts to those Darfur women. I hope they have some joy in their lives, too.
We are so blessed.

Melissa said...

Ooooh, I love the blue and white corduroy and/or felt (?) bag with the buttons. So many nice cozy things in one spot!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have dismissed the lady with the L on her forehead.
you do know- you need two L's to make a W. (as in Winner)
I will partner your L anyday!

Lori said...

Welcome back Joyce and kitty. )pssst,I am in love with the green velvet bag on the right with the red/terra cotta flap, any chance you'll sell it to me.)

lettuce said...

glad you're enjoying the lack of pressure joyce. change is good, take your time!

Kylie Young said...

Thanks ffor posting this