Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bag News

Last night I dreamed that my wall was covered in bags 4 Darfur.
There were bags in my basement, and bags in the hall.
The cat woke me early, and my thoughts soon drifted pleasantly to time on the computer with no children vying for their place in the queue. Coffee in hand, I opened my first e-mail:
"....glad you're enjoying the lack of pressure, joyce. change is good, take your time!"
And I am- dreams and nagging thoughts aside, I am.
For the past few years, I'd gotten up early, worked the sewing machine and camera for some time, then put in a day of child care and a day and an evening of parenting. I sewed and photographed and posted and sold. I had a enough energy; afternoon naps with the children notwithstanding.
I wish I could keep going at top speed indefinitely. But I firmly believe in rest as necessary and restorative. I impatiently wait for something new and wonderful to be birthed of it. Meanwhile, I applied for some craft sales in my area, and agreed to participate in an event at Providence College.
When I learned that the craft sale was closed to participants, I felt strangely relieved. I'm not through with resting.
Meanwhile, there is a sense of urgency for our people in the Sudan who have no choices. No rest.
And I miss the camaraderie of the bag blog.
Having said all that, I've decided to post two bags for the upcoming week.
I'll return to the bidding format, and leave the bags "on the block" for a number of days.
In other news, if you're in the area, the social concerns committee at Providence College (Otterburne, Manitoba) is hosting an event to promote social justice in Africa. I'll be presenting a short speech on the evening of November the 3 at 8:00 pm and providing some bags for sale.
Stay tuned, and thanks for caring!


tanya said...

Oh Joyce, you deserve the rest to re-energize and re-group. I'll check back this week so I can re-evaluate my priorities...a 10 year marriage, or a 7th bag...

Karen said...

Hi Joyce.

I had been checking in, hoping you're not quite finished with us.

Can't wait to see the bags this week ....


Jenni said...

I am SO looking forward to having you here, Joyce! In the meantime, glad you're resting. Life has many seasons and the one we most neglect is rest.
Also very excited to participate in some pre-Nov 3 bag bidding!

joyce said...

weird. It's like some sort of uber sabatoge- blogger hates me and absolutely forbids me to post photographs.

I apologize... as I sit here trying to show you the before mentioned bags....

Caroline said...

Please let the purple one be one of them! It looks beautiful.

Mary KG said...

I just might try to make it to Providence!

Rosa said...

These pictures make me want to be in your house .

joyce said...

come on, sista. Whatcha waitin' for?!

Jenni said...

ah... I see bags on those hooks that i want... i need... must have!

Anonymous said...

Oh Rosa..
the pictures.
the words/wit.
take me with you.
(I dreamt my boler blew away... hmmm)