Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring for Bags

Sewing bags is so much more rewarding than, say; washing dishes.
They have some elements in common- you perform the same set of exercises over and over again- but there's nothing too exciting about a dishrack full of plates.

A blog full of bags? Well, that's another matter entirely.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the routine, but it doesn't hurt to lay it all out again. On today's blog post, you will find ten tote bags. They are fashioned primarily out of upholstery samples donated by our local furniture store. This means that they really ought to last rather a long time. They are basic, unlined bags. I am offering these bags for sale for any amount of money at or above ten dollars per bag. I ship to anywhere. Most shipping costs ten dollars, and if you offer twenty or more dollars per bag, you can choose not to send additional funds for shipping. You can send a personal cheque to me, and get my address by e-mailing You can also pay through paypal, also by e-mailing me with your intentions.

clear? good. Go shopping so I can go shipping.
#1: sold to OttoGus for $20-

#2: sold to Valerie!

#3: sold to Jodi! $15-

#4: sold to Steph for $10-!

#5: sold to Steph! $10-

#6: sold to Stephanie for $10-!


#8: sold to Debbie for $10-

#9: Sold! OttoGus, $25-

#10: sold to Debbie $10-


Anonymous said...

$25.00 for #7.

Debbie said...

I would like number 8 and 10 for ten dollars each.

Anonymous said...

Also, love #1 for $20.00,please.

Anonymous said...

OttoGus is dyslexic. Is #9 still available instead of #7, please? So sorry! (Hope I got this right this time!)

janice said...

WOW! Superwoman is at it again. I got my bags and I have not even paid for the last one!!! I love them. There is one here beside my desk and it has GYM CLOTHES in it, it is 11:30 and I still have plans to go to the gym! Haven't been regularly going since October - I think it is the bag! I will know in a few weeks if it worked.

Jules said...

Love these but really want a couple that are a little brighter!! Bring on more tote bags!!!

joyce said...

did somebody say; "brighter"?!
I LOVE brighter!
Maybe that will be my goal this week. I could use a little 'brighter" in my outlook as well....

Janice- ixnay on the no-ppay-ay.
now everyone will expect their bags for free! ha ha. I (sort of) know where you live...
Actually, I thought i could save you some postage, and you seem like an ethical sort of gal...

dyslexia repair. Done.

I so understand. I even struggle editing the blogs, worrying that I've marked the correct ones as sold, and also worrying if I've sent the correct bag to the correct person...

haulbrook said...


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Jodi said...

I'll take #3! I'll send $15 for this (and $15 for last week's bag).

janice said...

OK, just paid for the bag - in case anyone is reading - the bags are not free. But Joyce, being the clever bear that she is, saved on postage and now has more for Darfur!

Looking forward to browsing the bright bags!

Robyn said...

love your new bags! I have to stop looking, I'll own a whole store soon!! we got our bags in the mail today! thank you!!