Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tote-ally OCD

So, I got back to the sewing machine and I've just kind of kept going back there.....
It looks like this group of ten will make fifty bags sewn and posted so far in 2011.
And I'm kind of into it! I actually brought in some more upholstery pieces from the garage this afternoon. Did I need to? Nope. I still have a few stacks here. But the stacks have reduced enough now that I'm interested in some new variety.
I think this "whip up a tote" plan is kind of working in more than one way: it's affordable. It's not over time-consuming to make. Its helping to reduce my fabric inventory; which is extensive.

So, I don't suppose you came here to chat.
Here are the ten bags you've been waiting oh-so anxiously for. As per the first four sets of ten, I am accepting any price at or above $10.00 on the tote bag of your choice. Simply leave me a comment which includes your name or pseudonym. You can always follow up with an e-mail to re-joyce@live.ca if we don't know each other in the real world. (or the blog world. Which I happen to consider to be real).

Thanks, peoples! It's been fun!

#1: Crystal can and she will for $10-!

#2 sold to perrygirl! $20-

#3 sold to Accidental Poet!

#4 : sold to Stephanie!

#5: sold to Stephanie!

#6: sold! Janice spends $20-

#7: sold to Charlene for $20-!

#8 sold to kara!

#9 Carolyn is a winner! $20-

#10: Wendy spends her pendies! $20-


Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce
I'll take #9 for $20 if it's still there.
carolyn kornelsen

PS-when are you going to be at superstore so we can chat?

crystal i. said...

i'll take #1 for 10.00 if i can....

Anonymous said...

I'll take #2 for $20. Let me know what time on Thursday is a good time to pick up my two new bags!

-perrygirl :)

JayP said...

I take #6 for $20

Thank you

Anonymous said...

#3 for $20 please.

Stephanie said...


#4 and #5 for $10 each. Since I don't know you I will follow-up with an email.

Steph :-)

wendypendy said...

wenditchka says i will take #10 for 20 dollars

Anonymous said...

Please can I have #7 for $20-so exciting!
Charlene Sawatzky

Kara said...

Hi Joyce,
I'll take what's left #8 for $10. Please let me know what the shipping to Ottawa would be. I am a returning friend.

crystal i. said...

yay!!! i just checked back... oh, late i know but that's seemingly how i roll these days... how do people pay these days?

(verification "urfeek")