Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It hasn't been a typical winter in rural Manitoba. We haven't had our driveway cleared a single time. Zero trips to the toboggan hill. And no snow days.

Until today, that is.

After a night of heavy, wet snow, the roads are clogged and the schools are closed.

Seems like kind of the perfect day to post a bag called "snowflakes".

It's random collection of lace bits and doilies are reminiscent of the view outside my windows this morning.

Ahhh, that's more like Manitoba!

The bag turns inside out shows four interior pockets.

Interested in this snowy, delicate lacey bag complete with "The Manitoba Sugar Co." in pale blue lettering; a velcro closure; interior pockets, and loads of detail?

Leave a comment below. You can choose to purchase it right now for $45.oo Cdn, or try your luck at bids beginning at $20.00 Cdn. The bag will remain available until Thursday, feb 23, 2012.


bonnie said...

I realize this is not going to get me this bag, but I'm going to try starting the bidding at $20 please:) you are amazing Joyce!

joyce said...

Oh, you never know! Besides, it's so nice to know thar someone came by and said hello!

Teresa said...

I bid $25.00. Love the name and season it represents.

Karen said...

So pretty.


I just bought one (okay, two), but I can't pass up a bargain, when the money is going to where it's going.

If I win it, I promise to find it a good home!

joyce said...

I just noticed that I neglected to mention a time. So, 7 pm today, it is.

Anonymous said...

Must be an omen Joyce - it's 7:06 here, but not in Manitoba. I'd like to bid $35 on "Snowflakes".
Grandma M

joyce said...

And it is yours!
Please send me an email at re-joyce@live.ca letting me know if you can pay through PayPal, or prefer to send a cheque.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh my goodness - I'm a day late! This bag is fantastic!! I live near Memphis, TN (USA) and have many of my grandmother's doilies, etc. They would be PERFECT for a bag like this . . .

Anonymous said...

these winter snow scenes are really beautiful, but where and when will you post that amazing bag with the burnt red flowers on the front? huh? I wanna buy it. this may sound like pressure, but I NEVER pressure. CAuse when I get that bag, I will also need to get some of that same red in a pair of shoes. I've wanted to do this for a while....I think it's time. Business time.

Anonymous said...

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