Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Itty bitty shabby chic


Resting my creative bone once in a while is a difficult but vital reality of keeping the bag project alive.

When I try to force it, I can feel my work becoming tired and contrived.

I dislike resting because it feels like giving up. But I'm slowly learning to work with and not against the natural rhythms of life.

And when I come back, because I can't NOT, my hands will produce something that fuels my energy once again.

I have the energy once again to laboriously piece together a bit of drapery, chennile bedspread, a "cities of Canada" kitchen apron, a bit of an oatmeal bag, a hankie, some table runners, plus some random quilt squares and a few buttons.


It feels really great to be pleased with the results.

This itty bitty bag measures 8.5" x 6.5". It's the ideal carrier for your wallet, keys, and mace. Or whatever you deem necessary to get you through the hard day's work of being a woman.

Please start your bids at a minimum of $25.00 Cdn.

This auction will remain open until Monday, May 21, 2012, at 7:00 pm, cst.


Teresa said...

Ooh,I'm in at $25.00

Anonymous said...

it's wonderful! would it be big enough?? lol I'll go for $30

janice said...

$35 - I love it. It is the perfect summer bag.

Ginny said...

I'll go $36

joyce said...

You got it, Ginny Ginny gin gin.

Ginny said...

I did! But I was on the 22nd...does that matter? I realized it after...

joyce said...

Woops! That DOESmatter, or I will have to hire a good lawyer for my almost lying and cheating JANICE out of that bag! I truly needed and enjoyed that long weekend, but it did throw off bya day.
Well, you're both winners in my eyes, but bya pretty important technicality, Janice gets the bag.

joyce said...

It did THROW