Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Carnies Are Here!

Well, it has been done. Seventy-three bags are ready for my main street shop at the Niverville Fair, now just two sleeps away!

and do I want to spare even one, to post for sale today? Nope, not a one. Besides, I wouldn't know which one to pick. So, you'll all just have to come to shop in person. Please be sure to introduce yourselves!

I'll be spending my remaining stolen moments tagging inventory and dreaming up display ideas. On Friday at noon, I'll be able to move my tent onto the street and begin the fun of set-up. For two days, I'll be pretending that keeping shop is what I do. I'll meanwhile enjoy the background sounds of carnival music, moto-cross shows, live entertainment, and happy people. Mmmmmm, my favorite!

And totally related, but on a more sober note: read this book. "Slave" by Mende Nazer.

Stories about the lost girls of Sudan are harder to come by than those of lost boys. But they are equally tragic and horrifying. Abducted from their families and villages, girls and women are sold into domestic and sexual slavery, many for a lifetime of abuse and neglect.

I wonder at the tenacity of the human spirit. What gives these people the strength to keep going?

I am always struck by how spoiled we are.

And how terribly responsible.


See you at the fair!




janice said...

Have lots of fun. Raise lots of money. Woot woot (that is me cheering you on).

Anonymous said...

Joyce, if that book is yours, I'd love to read it:)Way to SEW!!!


Anonymous said...

My sister in law has a tree bag. Love it! Ever think about making a diaper bag? Great cause

joyce said...

Many people use the large messenger bag for diaper bags.