Monday, June 11, 2012

The Fair, 2012

Setting up shop on main street, Niverville.

Thanks, special daughter Jane for a nice, new sign!


I love how the fair makes it acceptable to haul half my house right onto the street. Imagine if I randomly did that on a regular week day? Wouldn't be so charming now, would it.



My first few sales. (isn't she a cutie?!)

Some random goofballs. One or two of them might belong to me...

Super fun, enthusiastic customers. They made my day.

I am proud of my town for another amazing summer fair. A lot of people go to an awful lot of effort to make it happen, and they deserve a huge shout-out.

Yay, Niverville!



janice said...

Beautiful. You are my hero, as always.

JayP said...

Had hoped to come visit but with the rain, a litter of 8 abandoned puppies at my house etc. sadly I didn't make it out. LOVE the display and I think it would be neat to have your display there more often. Serve coffee, tea and dainty sandwiches.:))