Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cozy Socks


I went out to the van yesterday in the snow, dragging half of a computer desk along with me. It was destined for the thrift shop and I wanted to get a move on it before we got buried alive in an anticipated snow storm. (that hasn't actually shown up....) When I opened the back of the van I found.... all the stuff I'd still not unpacked from the Winnipeg Etsy sale. *sigh* First world problems....

It made me think about how a day used to last 24 hours, and a week for 7 days. Lately Monday seems to blend into Friday back into Monday and I'm left sweeping up the crumbs from several Mondays ago wondering what the heck happened. So, somehow three weeks can zip by and I haven't even been to my beloved blog to indulge in an entirely one-sided conversation. How selfish of me.

Well, winter is coming early to the prairies this year. And while I despise winter with its chills, darkness, and seclusion, I do adore Christmas time with all its trappings, decor, and stimulation to create things.

Last weekend I took a road trip through a snow storm to Killarney Manitoba to watch my daughter not play volleyball with her team. She played an important role though, sitting on the bench. I've never been particularly good at sports, but I think that's a really valuable position. While out there, I had the privelege of spending time with my dear old friend Rosa in her fabulous stone farm house. Before I left to drive back home on Roads of Certain Death and Doom, she gifted me a box full of goodies that I might use for the bag project. At the bottom of the stack was a lovely old quilt, a little tattered around the edges but delightful nonetheless.

I set straight to work turning that quilt into a small stack of Christmas stockings.

They're lined, a generous size, and truly magnificent little pieces of craft(woman)ship and history and I expect to have them photographed and available for sale very shortly in my etsy shop.

If Sunday will just slow down enough before it slides into ThursdayFridaySaturdayDecember.


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