Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm so Darned Spoiled, and That's The Truth of It.


Mrs Schellenberg is moving out of the family home. The one she raised her five sons and one magnificent daughter in.

The Schellenbergs are a bit of a Royal Family in these parts. After all, they owned "The Sew and Save Shop" in Steinbach- the sewing shop of my childhood where I went many, many a time with my mother to pick out fabrics for dresses, curtains, and blouses (we said "blouses" in those days. Not "shirts". Nope- "BLOUSES". Sounds a shocking lot like "brazzierre" which I very occasionally heard my mother whisper in hushed tones. Way too intimate to be spoken of.)

Well, I don't want to make you feel bad, but I know one of the Schellenbergs.

(I actually think the Schellenbergs were way more worldly than we'd been led to believe when we were children and not allowed to touch their notions. A shocking discovery was made whilst rifling through the estate. In bold letters, right out in the open, just casually resting on the dining room table, with no shame or anything. English Breast Pump. Not even a Mennonite one- pffffft.)

I politely pretended not to notice the abomination. And stuck to more charitable thoughts.

I have in my possession many of the notions from the Sew and Save.

I got the kitty and the ducky buttons.

The "Mend-a-pocket". I'm relieved to know that by having this in my possession, I will never lose my keys, change, or etc again. That's a bold statement.

I got clasps for my brassierre. (I couldn't say no to all the naughty things. They'd think me prudish).

"World Famed" hooks and eyes.

A complete and unabridged hanky collection.

They even saved a 1972 calendar for me.


There's no cure for spoiled.

(thanks, Alice. You and your mom are the cutest women on the planet).

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Brenda said...

ooooh, looks like you hit the jackpot! In Winkler, we had Penner's Dry Goods "Yard goods by the thousands." I spent many hours in that store leafing through pattern catalogues and looking for "saych"