Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For Jackie


She was surviving something horrific and her body showed some of the scars.

Some. Because mostly they were on the inside.

But she bounded up my steps like she had all kinds of happiness and optimism.

And when I asked her what I could do, she told me to just keep going.

So, these sales are for Jackie, and all sorts of people who survive.

And decide not to let their circumstances define them.

Wild Flower. 6" x 8", velcro closure. Used to be a pillow sham, dresser scarf, bits of crochet, some random trim, a tea towel, a remnant, and some lace. Perfect for your wallet, phone, and keys. I've used this size bag all summer and found it to be sort of perfect.

Want it? Minimum sale, $22.00. Just leave me a comment and mention Wild Flower.

Hydrangea. (sold! To Nancy for $30.00, thank you!) Again, 6" x 8", adjustable strap ( so does the first one, I just forgot to mention that). Button closure, button accents. Used to be: tea towel, apron, hankie, cross stitch, and upholstery.

Available for a minimum purchase price of $22.00. Just mention "hydrangea" in the comments.

(Lovely little bag. I love the bright but muted colors.)

"Preshrunk": that's what it says on the salvage edge of an ancient set of barkcloth curtains.(sold! To Lucy, thank you)

pretty much all the same details that have been mentioned in the prior two bags.


Again, if you're interested in purchasing this bag for a minimum of $22.00, please mention "preshrunk" in your comment.


And finally. A bag we'll call Autumn. My sister thinks that fall is the best season of all, but I can't help thinking that its just a trick to make you forget that winter comes next.

This bag is made out of upholstery samples that are distinctly Autumn/Winter-esque. So, if you're like my sister, and that doesn't make you want to weep hysterically, put down your name in the comments and be willing to spend at least $22.00 plus shipping.

So, today I am thinking of Jackie, and community, and doing what we can from where we are. Even if "we" tend to be just a little melancholy and "we" might be tired of always thinking too stinking much.

(woops, was that my out loud voice?)



Heidi said...

Hi Joyce,
Do you have any more of the basic, unlined tote bags? I use the 2 I got from you constantly & haven't been able to find anything comparable! Besides I'd way rather support Darfur!
Keep up the amazing mission!!

Lucy said...

I love all of them; I'll bid $30 on the preshrunk one.

Michelle G said...

I would like to bid on Autumn $45. My thoughts are with Jackie - I've been there. The wounds are in the inside and sometimes you just have to soldier on.

joyce said...

Heidi, great suggestion. I shall put that on my "to do"list. Always good to know what people are in the market for.

Lucy, thank you. I've never met a Lucy I didn't like.

And thank you, Michelle! You can send your mailing address to re-joyce@live.ca and we'll talk about payment options.