Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ready, Set, Etsy!

Yesterday I made my very first sale on Etsy!

Which was rewarding, since I'd taken roughly ten years off my life stewing about getting that darned shop set up, then flogging myself for not getting it done, then stewing some more, followed by more flogging.

It was a rough time.


But look at me now! A whole sale.

Not wholesale. Nope. We all know that each one of these bags is carefully, individually, lovingly pieced together. Which is part of what makes selling it, sending it off in the mail, and imagining someone enjoying it so very fulfilling.

I hope that this will expand the horizons of the project. I hope that it will make the bags, and the vision more accessible to more people in more places.

In other news, you will find me this Saturday in Clearwater, Manitoba at the Harvest Moon Festival, trying to make a few bucks for the world food program.

Then, you can expect to find me on October 13, 2012 at the WEST Vintage and Handmade Sale: (WEST= Winnipeg Etsy Street Team)

Venue- RA Steen Community Center (Winnipeg)

Hours - Sale noon -5pm

Free admission

Yay! Hope to see you there!




Brenda said...

Congrats on the new shop! I visited it and noticed you used some of my goodies in your bags.
I have another bag of goodies for you -- when can we connect? If not soon, then I'll show up at RA Steen with them.
just one little comment: I noticed that in the little pix that appear in your shop, the bag handles are more visible than the bags, so it's hard for your customers to see what's for sale. I think you can remedy this by choosing another picture, such as a closeup, as your main pix. the little thumbnail pix are getting cropped funny.

Karen said...

I just spent an enjoyable few minutes in your Etsy shop. I already own two of your bags and I'm sure I'll be stopping by often to see which others call out to me. Congratulations and good luck!

PrairiePeasant said...

Way to go Joyce! I'm so glad you've joined WEST as well. I'll see you at that sale for sure!

joyce said...

yes, Brenda, I noticed that too, and did get a chance to correct it. I'm not pleased with most of the photos, actually, and hope to find time to redo many of them. I just finally decided to JUST DO IT, so its imperfect, and hopefully part of a learning curve. I did get your message about more yummy good stuff, and hope we could meet at the wolsely sale?

Thank you Karen! I am hoping to branch out, make some different things as well, and sell some vintage. Time is always my great challenge. Another extremely busy year stretches out ahead of me, but I'm optimistic!

PP, its going to be so good to join up with the Winnipeg Etsy group. New things to learn, and new oppurtunities. It feels right.

janice said...

Beautiful Etsy site - unfortunately I can't attend in Winnipeg.

BTW, you have 2 Etsy sales now. And I will soon have a Kitteh that does not need to be fed or litter boxed.

joyce said...

Yay! So super happy, Janice.
You win the best customer award (I have no idea what the prize is.....)

janice said...

I got my MOST-AWESOMEST-KITTEH in the mail Monday, and I am in love. I have not figured out how to rave on Etsy yet, so I will rave here. I love the little bonus bag - do I owe you money for that? I think I offered once. You are the best place for me to give my money away. Will you be able to help me out with food when I am old and broke?

joyce said...

when we are old and broke(er), Janice, we will become freegans and live in a commune I'm learning about on Vancouver island. I could dig that.

The wee bag is a gift to you- my mostest faithfullest long distance friend and customer, who serendipitously came into my life because of a young African lady (name escapes leaky brain)

Long live the kitties!! (having invested a small fortune in Floey cat just yesterday to treat an intestinal yuckiness....)