Friday, January 9, 2009


Remember these? well, next time you are at your old Aunt Nelda's and you're wondering why the heck she still has one of those hanging on her living room wall, or draped against the back of her couch... Try this. Get your eyes to frame a small section of it. Just a small section.
Then you'll see a wonderful richness of colour and design; instead of an overly ornate something-or-other.

Or, if aunt Nelda doesn't have a 70's ruggy thing like that.... Then you could purchase a shoulder bag that has all that work done for you! It's one of those bags that actually tempts me. Its a fun size, and great texture. The deer scene was combined with the remnants of someone's velveteen curtains or bedspread (not sure which). The strap is the very last piece of that funky Carribbean piece from my pal, Bonnie.

With all that blue, and green, that swooping, and that swirling..... My word! You'd think you were at the Carribbean yourself. (hey. I live on the prairies and *$@#!ITSCOLD!)

Now the picture on the right didn't do a darn thing for the colour, but that's why its beside the other picture, which shows the niceness of the green. however,,, I published it anyway because it shows the pocket beneath the flap which is ideal for your phone and keys and grocery store cart token.

I used my last piece of blue chennille for the inside pockets. (I say that knowing that there may be another piece buried somewhere; but that is the last known piece.)

That's me and Shadow ushering in the Day of Friday. Toasting it in with a nice, hot, strong cup of java. This week just whistled by, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy being back to work.
Ahhhh, routine.
Don't make the fatal mistake of entering this weekend without a handbag. Something really, super bad could happen to you and six and a half friends if you do.
At 8 pm, we'll see who bid what. Any newbies out there? Just click on "comments", leave a numerical amount and some sort of name. If you don't have a blogger account, simply choose "anonymous".
Happy fawny friday!


gloria said...

its beautiful joycie

bygeorge! said...

fawn is exactly why you're the fabric ARTIST ... I saw ugly, and didn't see past ugly...
and is that a rib knit mug? (loved your gift post/gift from B.)
happy fawn friday... may it be lots of fawn...
Boler B.

tanya said...

I'll risk my marriage and start the bidding...$45

joyce said...

thanks, gals!
Yes, Lory, that's my fabulus cable knit starbucks mug. I do love it.

so far today... Lots of fawn. The kids are spinning in circles and building towers. I'm listening to CBC radio, and making samosas...

sounds dreamy, no?

Tanya, you I love. Men are plentiful... right?! (she says, thinking only of the people in Darfur...)

Karla said...

I'm bidding because the bag is beautiful and because I have a dear sweet friend named Fawn that I met while doing my dts with ywam many moons ago... she was (and is) crazy and non-conformist and soft and substantial and ecclectic. And that's what this bag looks like to me. I still keep in touch with my dear Fawnie, and I want to give her this bag. $60.

joyce said...

sweet Karla- a bag for your Fawnie.

Karla said...

I'm so grateful for this bag, for your artistry, and for your spirit.

Roo said...

i love
i love