Friday, August 5, 2011

With Thoughts of Somalia

"Famine is officially defined as when two adults or four children per 10,000 people die of hunger each day and a third of children are acutely malnourished. Earlier this week, the UN declared an official famine in regions of Somalia.

The global body says tens of thousands of people have already starved to death in Somalia and thousands are streaming across the borders to Ethiopia and Kenya daily
." (WFP website)

Recently the media has been full of stories about the famine in Somalia. Numbers like "Eleven million" can make it can feel pretty hopeless.

It seems futile to imagine making any difference in the face of such impossible odds.

Since 2007, the Darfur project has sent thousands of dollars in hopes of helping the Sudanese people suffering in whole or in part due to the political unrest in the Darfur region. Although it is impossible to guarantee that it is the Darfuri people who have been sheltered and fed in part through this fundraiser, it must be assumed that somebody, somewhere, has eaten because a bag was purchased through this website. I'm aware that it's a "drop in the bucket", but I'll bet it was worth it to the people who got food they might not otherwise have eaten.

It's hard to read the news and watch the images of people who are dying for lack of food, while we live here with problems of excess. And, although we'll never fix big problems with a couple of dollars and some good intentions, we must do what we can.

It is with this in mind that I am posting four tote bags for sale.

The money will be forwarded to the United Nations World Food Program, under the category; "where most needed".

#1:Squiggle Garden
(now sold)

Interested in purchasing? Click here!
#2: Sunday Meeting!
Sold! To Chelsea for $45.00-- Thank you!

Like it? Love it? Click here!

#3: Rik on the Rak! (sold) To purchase this bag or check on the action, please click here.

#4: Sitting Pretty : sold to Lori!
Interested in Sitting Pretty? (literally and bag-it-ively). Click here to purchase said bag.

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